una paloma 2…

Dear diablog,

You will recall that I left you at the wonderful market where all sorts was for sale



including, bizarrely, motor bikes and specifically


I have no idea if this brand is still British let alone in existence but these look new enough.


No, I didn’t buy one but they certainly were popular (maybe the T shirts?) and added to everyone’s enjoyment.

Night fell and after a quick visit back to the hotel to freshen up it was out and to a tapas bar that had attracted our attention…


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96 tears…

Dear diablog,

Just couldn’t miss mentioning one of my favourite song titles for this post on a recent 96 Club meet in Central London.

Glynsky duly attended with the 600 which, by wonderful coincidence, was joined by two other little Fiats


and the usual run of the mill stuff


and what is well on stream as a modern classic (Mme had one identical and it was a hoot – even after 13 years of ownership)


plus a rather OTT but beautiful Bentley



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English Summer of 2015

Dear Reader,

We are approaching the end of June, a third of the summer is over. I hope you are having as much of a good time as I do.

While NYC enjoys a beautiful summer – current conditions are sunny and 78°F (or 26°C) – it seems, the Brits are having their typical English summer.


On my way into the sunshine,

Engine Room

una paloma 1…

Dear diablog,

As I write this I suddenly realise that Engine Room gets all sniffy about too much info in one post so have split this into two.

Last weekend Mme and I spent 3 days in Spain which is unusual for us (Spain that is) as we have never really rated what we have seen of it so far.

The first day was in a Parador – this link tells you a bit about them and you can look up any place you fancy – though frankly the buildings and comfort are wonderful but do your best to avoid eating in them.  Having tried 7 so far, we have only ever had one good, let alone outstanding, meal.

But then it was on to Madrid for 2 days and a brilliant hotel right on


Plaza Neptuno. Note that we were nowhere near Plaza Mayor (the sort of Piccadilly of Madrid which, frankly, sucks and is full of rubbish (of all descriptions and very sad).

By sheer luck we were there when (in the surrounding back streets) there was the most wonderful ‘happening’ where Mme had her fill of her earlier life as an antique dealer and Glynsky really enjoyed himself amongst all sorts of stalls




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a caspette booster (??)…

Dear diablog,

Yesterday’s post title referred to a well known song title and then….

In a recent comment from the beloved Casper it appears (stress ‘appears’) that this may be in order for you:

and if I read it (got it) all wrong, what the hell, its a good pop song anyway. Love it.

Many ’60’s resonances with modern application.

Yours, diablog, foot tappin’,


bridge over troubled water…

Dear diablog,

I had mentioned a while back that Pete still lives – and here’s the proof that he is still the irascible ol’ Pete as there always was!

In his idyllic garden he has some captives

DSC07217 - Copy

amongst the acres of boring landfill

DSC07224 - Copy

which he decided needed reorganisation. Thus aided by two young workers shipped in for the day

DSC07212 - Copy

whom he willingly offered to pay using items rescued from earlier civilisations .

DSC07206 - Copy

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