bridge over troubled water…

Dear diablog,

I had mentioned a while back that Pete still lives – and here’s the proof that he is still the irascible ol’ Pete as there always was!

In his idyllic garden he has some captives

DSC07217 - Copy

amongst the acres of boring landfill

DSC07224 - Copy

which he decided needed reorganisation. Thus aided by two young workers shipped in for the day

DSC07212 - Copy

whom he willingly offered to pay using items rescued from earlier civilisations .

DSC07206 - Copy

He set them to work with raw materials scrounged from other properties (as usual no expense spared)

DSC07186 - Copy

to build him a bridge which would save him 40 seconds of walking to reach the other side

DSC07188 - Copy

from old railway sleepers soaked in tar. It is worth mentioning here that we were all astonished that these, despite being incredibly heavy, floated with absolute ease. Those Tudors certainly knew something about tar soaked oak for ship building!

DSC07190 - Copy

and the slave master ended up with an excellent means of crossing the river without having to walk round to the ‘official’ bridge (where he charges a £5 toll for visitors to cross)

DSC07193 - Copy

which will outlast us all.

Payment – bah! One day’s fishing rights at a time to be arranged. Generous to a fault.

Yours, diablog, checking on Isambard’s designs


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