a caspette booster (??)…

Dear diablog,

Yesterday’s post title referred to a well known song title and then….

In a recent comment from the beloved Casper it appears (stress ‘appears’) that this may be in order for you:

and if I read it (got it) all wrong, what the hell, its a good pop song anyway. Love it.

Many ’60’s resonances with modern application.

Yours, diablog, foot tappin’,


9 thoughts on “a caspette booster (??)…

  1. Correct Beautiful Man and nothing to worry about too.
    We should listen to the wise man who said ‘me,you, bang bang’

    Casper X

    1. But on a serious note I am just planning. My mind is working overtime. I am still happier than ever though X

  2. Casper
    We wish you every happiness.
    Glynsky, do you remember that tingling feeling when you first got married ?
    That was common sense leaving your body.

  3. I am in agreement.
    I am happy that it was eased by your close friendship otherwise..otherwise something lol.
    Anyway dont listen to him Glynsky! He is trying to make you tingle inbetween.keep your feet steady and remember you never had it anyway. I wonder what Smiles has never had/touched or felt in his life…

    Casper X

  4. Excellent Glynsky, I certainly detected the tune to Dion’s Runaround Sue from 1961.

  5. Me you – bang, bang ehh! Now there’s an unfettered accostment.
    I recall that tingling feeling, so that’s what was happening and I thought it was the R&R lovingly beating through my body.
    Can’t beat a good ’50’s sound, even if you can put several alternatives to the same tune.

  6. We know silence is golden for you Pips but I used to be the opposite! It won’t take long to stop penis jokes. Darn those penis jokes!
    Tingling ey? Try Gaviscon advance..or a curry.

    Casper X

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