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Dear diablog,

As I write this I suddenly realise that Engine Room gets all sniffy about too much info in one post so have split this into two.

Last weekend Mme and I spent 3 days in Spain which is unusual for us (Spain that is) as we have never really rated what we have seen of it so far.

The first day was in a Parador – this link tells you a bit about them and you can look up any place you fancy – though frankly the buildings and comfort are wonderful but do your best to avoid eating in them.  Having tried 7 so far, we have only ever had one good, let alone outstanding, meal.

But then it was on to Madrid for 2 days and a brilliant hotel right on


Plaza Neptuno. Note that we were nowhere near Plaza Mayor (the sort of Piccadilly of Madrid which, frankly, sucks and is full of rubbish (of all descriptions and very sad).

By sheer luck we were there when (in the surrounding back streets) there was the most wonderful ‘happening’ where Mme had her fill of her earlier life as an antique dealer and Glynsky really enjoyed himself amongst all sorts of stalls








selling predominately art nouveau and cafes in the same area.


And there were even excellent pop up restaurants


which all led us to the decision that Madrid is seriously cool and competing for a favourite place to go alongside Lisbon which we love.

Yours, diablog, with a new destination


9 thoughts on “una paloma 1…

  1. I was only once in Madrid a few years ago but I agree with you (for once) that it is great.
    I also love Lisbon but prefer Porto.

  2. Nothing wrong with a nice glass of port to accompany a good cheese board.
    I’ve never been to Madrid, but do enjoy a rummage through lanes full of old toot.

    Ah Spain, not a country noted for it’s fine motor cars

  3. Hispano Suiza were very elegant cars !!!!!!
    A glass of port ??? You and Mrs Druid always manage to finish the bottle with cheese :-)

  4. Most of the old toot that the Druid buys, ends up in his garage. He has to park his car on the driveway :-)

  5. I love flea markets. You meet old acquaintances (as in products from your youth), see what is popular and what went out of demand.

    And usually the people are even more interesting than the goods for sale.


  6. Drinking all the port doesn’t make you a bad person.
    I agree with ER about flea markets.
    I must admit Mrs Druid does get fed up with all my stuff and if I turn up with something new, she asks what rubbish have I bought now.
    Funny, gold never seems to be a problem

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