3 thoughts on “Resounding at the Engine Room right now

  1. ‘Tale as old as time’
    – you can sing with me ER but you are beast and I am beauty, hahahahahahahahahaha!

    Casper X

  2. Oh jeeze, I know exactly what is coming after that comment o_O haha
    1. You can’t prove I wrote it
    2. You’ll never catch meeeeeeeeeee
    3. Someone, not me, said you smell of poop
    4. I regret nothing!

    I best skadoodle on outta here before you read this.

    Not Casper X

  3. Just bought a camera!!!!!!! Arghhhh!!!!!!!!!
    If you were my roomy BF I would take secret pics of you and blackmail you for freshly baked pudding, haha X

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