96 tears…

Dear diablog,

Just couldn’t miss mentioning one of my favourite song titles for this post on a recent 96 Club meet in Central London.

Glynsky duly attended with the 600 which, by wonderful coincidence, was joined by two other little Fiats


and the usual run of the mill stuff


and what is well on stream as a modern classic (Mme had one identical and it was a hoot – even after 13 years of ownership)


plus a rather OTT but beautiful Bentley






but the real star was a full roadgoing (he uses it almost every day except, for obvious reasons, if it rains))


Maserati 350S – the diametrically opposite to the Bentley in luxury


but all howling 3 1/2 litre lump.


The boot is a little restricted


but the best bit is the fuel gauge!  He got fed up having to use a stick to measure the juice left so had this fitted. The real problem was that there was not enough room on the dash

DSC07247but you can only check it if you get out of the car and walk round to behind the driver’s head rest!!!

Granted it is a replica – built in 1974 and from all original bits – but it has been his since 1969 and as far as the classic world is concerned the db’s. Love it.

Yours, diablog, wishing I was in Modena


7 thoughts on “96 tears…

  1. Glynsky
    Could you please check the last part of your post as it reads – built in 1974 – but it has been his since from 1969.
    A little bit too early to be Brahms !!!!

  2. Excellent car blog Glynsky, love the odd fuel gauge.
    Smiles must have his politically correct hat on today, I understood what you meant.

  3. Thanks Mia Casapetta, I think I look cute too!
    As it appears that the Druid understands the english (as with 99% of other readers) I shall not amplify the date references.

  4. Now I get it. He has been owning bits of the car since 1969 and built the car in 1974.
    What a strange way to write. Just like, being born with a penis and fathering a child 30 years later !

  5. I’ll spare you a productive day, as what I want to say would only, …well.

    As for cuteness, you were carved by Baloo himself.

    Casper X

  6. The MK1 Golf GTI will certainly be a classic. Seen some very nice examples on the road recently.
    A good sunny day brings out the classics even in the north of Scotland

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