una paloma 2…

Dear diablog,

You will recall that I left you at the wonderful market where all sorts was for sale



including, bizarrely, motor bikes and specifically


I have no idea if this brand is still British let alone in existence but these look new enough.


No, I didn’t buy one but they certainly were popular (maybe the T shirts?) and added to everyone’s enjoyment.

Night fell and after a quick visit back to the hotel to freshen up it was out and to a tapas bar that had attracted our attention…





in the old part of town and really rammed with locals and fantastic tapas as a pre dinner snack!


and then on to the main dinner at the best place we found in Madrid, in close juxtaposition to the three main art galleries, La Plateria.

Typically I had forgotten the camera so have to rely on Tripadvisor but I really recommend it to all. Excellent food, reasonable prices and feisty pretty girls serving!

And then, late at night and on the return to the hotel, what a weird shop to find! The pics are not brilliant as taken through the window but where oh where other than here are Churchill, a frogman, Uncle Jo Stalin, Franco, Brother Adolph, Musso and others found standing next to each other!



Yours, diablog, in the tapas



18 thoughts on “una paloma 2…

  1. Nice post Glynsky but a pity that we could not have left you in the market.
    Surely somebody would have bought you as a doorstop for an enormous door.
    I liked the model figures. Were they lead or plastic? I am sure that the Druid will comment on them.

  2. I agree with Smiles, the figures in the window are excellent.
    Talking of British motorcycling, I recently found a Belstaff shop in Glasgow. Knowing the brand from my youth I ventured in for a look and that was all I got.
    The prices were extortionate and that was for a waxed cotton and leather bag. Didn’t bother to look at anything else.
    Are we trying to say that British made goods are fantastic and therefore we charge fantastic prices for them.
    It is sad to say, Royal Enfield isn’t really British, it’s based in Chennai, India.
    India is probably their biggest market, bit like the old Morris Oxford (Hindustan)

  3. Darnit! I cannot hide my expression of how much I want some tapas, right now.
    I have always wanted a motor bike, as for the Tshirt, it is summer and a great idea even if it says Pucci instead of Gucci.
    I remember the Stalin/Hitler book recommended, I thought a week or so to get on form then I would purchase it. I only wanted to learn the differences/similarities so I didn’t worry too much to break my account for the book. Plus I have been on other books like lives depended on them so very distracted.
    All that said great post Mr Cutey, Spain looks fab.

    Casper X

  4. Sorry guys, have no idea of the material of the models.
    Caspie, a forthcoming post will give you the recipe for a brilliant summer tapas soup.

  5. How exciting! I am just glad I will be making real soup recipes now, after working on that water soup recipe given four years ago!!!

    Casper X

  6. Why should Casper take a Bratwurst with her ? Are you coming too ?
    Just took an early lunch break and went training for an hour.
    Casper, I will supply the lunch.
    What office skills do you have ?

  7. Royal Enfield is Indian since at least the 1960s. And Belstaff is now owned by Austrian Labelux, along with Bally shoes and a few other luxury labels.


  8. Well done Smiles. It is good maintenance and I am always happy knowing an all rounder.
    My skill set is Zero as I have never worked in one. I have read and touched on some YouTube vids.
    I wouldn’t consider me just yet.

    Casper X

  9. At least someone here is!
    The bratwurst has been kept in the freezer after being purloined from a Prague street stall.

  10. Awwww that is very sweet Smiles. I am always making ‘peoples day’ but it is rare that mine is, Thanks.

    Casper X

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