Inner peace

Dear Reader,

Along the lines of Glynsky’s post here, I found some good advice on And since it is the weekend, you might want to go along, and find some inner peace. This quote is slightly edited.

A doctor on TV said, in order to have inner peace in life, we should finish things we started.

So I looked around the house for things I had started and not finished yet.

First I finished a bottle of Los Vascos, then a bottle of Frapin, a bodle of Macallan, a butle of wum, an the mainder of a box of choclutz.

Yu has no idr how fablus I feel rite now.

And here is the peaceful music to go with this, Adiemus by Karl Jenkins:

Have a peaceful weekend,

Engine Room

keepy upy…

Dear diablog,

My mate Carlo


you know,the one with the juke box, sent me the following clip which, at first I could not fathom.

Even a couple of viewings did not help the penny to drop and it took a lunch at the best Chinese dim sum restaurant in town (which is well worth the visit at super economic prices for a real blow out) to fully understand the ‘double entendre’ of the whole thing.

I shall only give you one clue to what you are about to watch…


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wey ward…

Dear diablog,

It is a while since we wrote on the beautiful Lyndsey


and the music of Honey Ryder.

I recently went to a pub in Watford (The Horns) which has excellent bands and at very reasonable prices where Honey Ryder were supported by Old Country Union – a presentable MOR pub band with a good repertoire.

However, as usual, Honey Ryder were brilliant live with a perfect renditions of last years hits.


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rode the 600 part 4…

Dear diablog,

This little car continues to give me huge pleasure


and following an earlier visit to the interior join me as we get in


and sit behind the wheel. The longer of the two levers is to switch the lights on and off whilst the shorter is the indicators with a cute ‘repeater’ in the centre of the dash above the ignition keys. All necessary (!) information is contained within the instrument binnacle –


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burning bridges 3…

Dear diablog,

Continuing on our way we arrive at


(safely avoiding the ditch at Freddie’s Curve) and travel a few kilometres more to


the home of Bernard Boutinet one of the best (for me) independent distilleries of excellent Cognac. He grows his own grapes and produces superb Cognacs including


his XO (my favourite). For those who may be interested, Cognac labelling has to be:  VSOP, up to 5 years old, Napoleon up to 10 years, XO up to 18 and Extra anything above that – unless you are seeking a particular year where the date is shown on the label.

Bless him, Bernard is always there to help with tasting (he gets seriously pissed off if you wont!! – don’t just arrive to buy a bottle and then go). And he will teach you loads if you listen – carefully as he has little or no voice.

The Cognac producer is not selling you alcohol –


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like a streak of lightning …

Dear diablog,

For those of you too young to remember the  ‘Champion’ song, the second clip brought back memories of the above

in which the words make a fitting tribute to the physical state of the redoubtable Engine Room in this tribute to his speed and cunning

for the hunt!

Yours, diablog, outrunning them all


PS. Pete, yes, Pete sent me this. He lives!!!!