next time lets drop into…

Dear diablog,

Seeing as travel has been on the menu recently it seems like a good time to ‘air’ (literally) a Christina


clip on her latest squeeze.

Granted it is a little long, but spectacular?

Dubai has never been on the Glynsky wish list, but something this exciting could be.

Yours, diablog, dropping like a stone


4 thoughts on “next time lets drop into…

  1. Wow, absolutely fantastic. What an exciting concept.
    I admire people who get to live the dream and these guys are revelling in every moment.
    Dubai is worth a visit

  2. GooooooodMorninnnggg :-*

    Thanks for the clip Glynsky, you might have just solved my stress for me… Excited!!!
    As for the flying men, it would make for great fun but I can’t yet see it.

    How have you been? have you dreamt bouchme?

    Casper X

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