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Dear Reader,

Since Pete is still a bit absent, posts about art are in shorter supply. Filling in, I would like to point you to one of the most famous museums in the world, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, aka The Met.

Of course, you do not need diablog for that. As the largest collection in the US, located in the most wonderful place on earth, everybody has heard of The Met.

The reason I am mentioning the Met is, that they have uploaded information about more than 400,000 of its +2,000,000 million pieces. And most of them are with high resolution, high quality pictures.

You can find the online collection here:

Naturally, nothing beats seeing it live. But this is second best thing. Plus, even The Met cannot put all its art on display all the time. Neither can a normal person visit The Met that often.

The online collection is a brilliant recourse to study art. Or to just browse it on a rainy day.

Kudos to The Met for the online presentation,

Engine Room

8 thoughts on “Art online

  1. I’m afraid I’m not a great lover of art galleries.
    The first Mrs, not Mrs Druid, insisted I went with her friends to the Tate gallery in London to be educated.
    I have never seen so much shite in my life and it was purchased on behalf of the nation, I want my share back.
    I am not an art Philistine, I know what I like. I did enjoy the Hermitage when it was under communist rule as well as the Kremlin.
    Like Glynsky I find the body work of a car more attractive than most of the rubbish on the wall of your average gallery.
    Sorry ER , as you can detect art galleries are not places that I ever frequent

  2. I feel the same about Art Galleries, even if Mrs Smiles is an Artist.
    Give me a Technical Museum, Military Museum, Aircraft Museum or dare I say it, an Automobile Museum any day.
    In South Africa, many Wine Producers have Art Collections, so we were both happy. Mrs Smiles looking at the art and me tasting the wines.

    1. Smiles, I spoke too soon.
      They have decided to train me on office skills.
      I have always wondered what it is like to talk at the fountain and play with computer buttons.

      Casper X

    2. Dear Smiles, dear Druid,

      Have a look at the online collection. You will find tons of real art. Classic art. Art, that deserves the label.

      I am with you on much of the so called modern art. A lot of that is humbug.


  3. Good Luck Casper.
    Somebody has to work in the office while we Bosses fly around the world, staying in nice hotels and eating in great restaurants.
    Try to become a Boss as soon as possible :-)

    1. I am keeping my mouth shut on that one.
      And Thanks. I will breeze through it no doubt.

      Casper X

  4. ER
    I must admit to being a fan of Frederic Remington.
    Painted art I feel is a very personal thing, you either love it, or hate it.

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