Your Monday could be worse

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Your Monday would be worse, if you ‘re in charge of a certain company computer network.

Like HBGary in 2011, someone with a questionable reputation woke up to a very bad morning. And quickly twitter had a new trending hashtag: #isHackingTeamAwakeYet

HackingTeam is an Italian company selling intrusion and surveillance software to governments for “lawful interception”. At least that is what they have been claiming for years. Basically, Hacking Team enables its customers to crack into your computer or tablet or smartphone for spying. For years, they were under suspicion to be selling to nasty governments. And now the cracker got cracked.

Someone broke into the computer systems of Hacking team and copied over 400 Gigabytes of data. The data then was published as torrents here:!Xx1lhChT!rbB-LQQyRypxd5bcQnqu-IMZN20ygW_lWfdHdqpKH3E and here: .

If you do not like torrents, the files also can be found here:

Update: If that one is busy, try this:

People started to go through the data and learned, Hacking team was/is selling its services to countries like Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan. Sudan is significant, because Hacking Team had denied serving Sudan repeatedly. The internal documents said, not officially supported. The same it said about their client Russia.

Now it will take a while to go through the data. Expect a lot of news about nasty spying. Not just from the above mentioned governments, but other customers of Hacking Team like the American DEA, or the British NCA.

No matter what comes, one thing is proven:

Nobody can spy on people “safely”.

Spying and surveillance is bad. No matter what, no matter how, no matter who does it.

Either we all get proper software, hardened against intrusion, or we all get spied upon. There is no such thing as “good spying” or “good surveillance”.

Stay tuned,

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