Told you so

Dear Reader,

Nobody likes the phrase “I told you so”. So please accept my apology for using it.

After the break in at Hacking Team, people with way more knowledge than anyone at diablog started to look through the data. And they already found proof of two things we have been warning you about in the past.

  1. it has a backdoor
  2. it can plant false evidence

The backdoor means, Hacking Team is able to access any computer, its software is running on. They can spy on their customers, alter the software, manipulate the results, everything.

So, let’s say, your government uses their software to spy on you. Your government is recording all your communication. All cellphone calls, all emails, all sms, skype calls, etc. And Hacking team has full access to all this at any time they like.

Do you feel safer now? Aren’t you happy, the US and UK governments ‘invested’ your tax money in such a product?

And it gets worse.

The software from hacking team has another feature. Security researchers found code, that suggests the software can plant false evidence on computers, once they are cracked. What kind of evidence? Child pornography and bomb building plans. Nice!

One hast to take into consideration, that all the code has been in other hands. Nobody knows for certain, whether of not it is original. It could have been altered. We also do not know, what parts of it have been used.

But we said it all along on diablog:

Anyone with access to your data can plant false evidence among it. If they have access to your computer, it can be planted there. If they have access to your online accounts “in the cloud” (aka gmail, iTunes, Flickr, yahoo, Microsoft Live Mail), it can be planted there.

And then you try to defend yourself against charges of possession of child pornography. Where the accusation alone ruins your life. Or, if it is the bomb building plan, you can be held without access to a lawyer, without legal advice, for days. Or, worst case, be shipped off to Guantanamo.

We need to stop our politicians and governments to engage in this kind of behavior.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

PS: Thanks go to to all the people inspecting the data, and explaining it to normal people. And to WikiLeaks for initiating all of this with the publication of The Spy Files.