getting hammered…

Dear diablog,

My time over the past few weeks and probably for the coming 2 or 3 seems to be getting under more and more pressure. Why? Just too much on and too much to arrange.

One of the things that took several days was the, to become annual, Glynsky


Party. What a corker that proved to be. The first decent day of sun for weeks and a collection of enthusiastic players


keen to learn and demonstrate their prowess at the finer subtleties of the game


in keeping with the ‘official’ rules.

I have been given a wonderful set


and maybe, just maybe, we may instigate a G+P Croquet Tournament at the start of summer next year – providing, that is, that unlike this year there is one!

Yours, diablog, mallet at the ready


8 thoughts on “getting hammered…

  1. Pimms could always be replaced by Gin & Tonic Smiles.
    We don’t have any Henry’s in the blog.
    I can imagine a game of croquet being a very pleasant way to pass a sunny afternoon. Maybe it’s not fast enough for Smiles.
    An accountancy company in Inverness used to play croquet on their front lawn on a nice Friday afternoon, good for the staff.
    You could always progress to motorised polo Glynsky.

  2. So, they did not play too often.
    Not so many nice Friday afternoons in Inverness.
    Football and Beer or Wine for me !

  3. We have a croquet set and have played it occasionally. No Henry’s here! It’s not something one indulges in that often, but a laugh none the less when we have. You need a decent sized lawn for it though.

    Einstein used to mess around with the game at family gatherings. He was keen on peering down the cleavages of the many voluptuous women who seemed to frequent his abode. He sensed it helped his theories.

    Born March 14, 1879, he would be 135 if he were alive today.
    Few people remember that he married his cousin, Elsa Lowenthal,
    after his first marriage failed in 1919. At the time he stated that he was attracted to Elsa… “because she was so well endowed”.

    He postulated that if you are attracted to women with large breasts,
    the attraction is even stronger if there is a DNA connection.

    This came to be known as…. Einstein’s Theory of RelativeTitty

  4. Can’t follow that except to comment that, if it is at all important the ladies were – erm – ladies and the drinks were Sangria (to an excellent recipe learned in Spain) and Prosecco.

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