Small French meal

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When I feel like celebrating with a little meal, the choice of food places is tremendous. Always a safe bet is one of my three favorite brasseries. And a good selection for a small meal is


sautéed Foi Gras with a slice of an apple on brioche as an appetizer, with a nice glass of cidre. Follow that with


Steak au Poivre with French fries as a main course, with a nice bottle of red wine. And


Crepes Nougat with caramelized banana as dessert.

Finish your meal with a delicious Calvados and an espresso, and you are pretty close to heaven.

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10 thoughts on “Small French meal

  1. It sounds and looks like a great meal. I hope that you eat at one of them often.
    I am sure that it is a safe bet as what you ate there, you will not save unless you won with your bet on the horses.

  2. An excellent meal, made me very jealous.
    Long time since I’ve been to a good French restaurant.
    I do enjoy a glass of Calvados

  3. Great except for the Foi Gras, which although I have enjoyed many times in the past many years hence, should be condemned for the nasty and cruel way it is produced. Stuffing geese full of feed until they burst is a most obscene practice and resolves me not to ever touch the stuff again. We wouldn’t tolerate bear baiting or dog fighting as a legal practice here or in the EU, so why is this grotesque practice not banned by the EU? Probably because too many of their delegates continue to demand it at their long lunch breaks!

  4. Sorry – late reply here, but yes of course we stuff the turkey at Xmas, the difference is it is DEAD! The geese for Foi Gras are alive and stuffed to bursting point by force feeding them to get them as fat as possible. I’m no vegi, but this still rather sick don’t you think?

  5. Dear Philippa,

    I was under the impression, the fatty goose liver was not from force feeding. But I could be wrong.

    Advocating animal rights while being indifferent to human rights seems a bit odd. To put it provocatively:
    Let’s kill people in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, etc. by drones, let’s send refugees from there back, but we have to come to the rescue of some force-fed geese?

    Just wondering,

  6. Living near to Hungary and Slovakia, which have a long tradition of preparing goose liver, I can assure that the geese are force fed to fatten the liver.
    I do like a slice on my steak.

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