an inadequate tribute…

Dear diablog,

We are sorry to have to record the passing of the father to both of our regular comment posters Smiles and Inverness Druid this morning, Saturday.

He was, to Glynsky, always kind and ready to laugh. I regret that I have not seen him for years but will always remember him – sadly not knowing his christian name.

A true diamond of his type, Diablog extends sincere condolences to them both together with Mum and the rest of the family.


3 thoughts on “an inadequate tribute…

  1. Thanks Glynsky.
    Much appreciated. His name is George.
    We will miss him, even if the last year has been difficult for him.

  2. Thanks Glynsky, even when you are expecting the end, it still isn’t easy.
    There again he lived to be 94 and he got to spend his days with mum, who is still going strong.
    He had a good live, that is all we can ask.

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