Another tribute

Dear Reader,

As Glynsky wrote his tribute here, this is mine.

Since I did not meet the man, this is forĀ  Smiles and The Inverness Druid:

Mogwai – Auto Rock

Mogwai is a Scottish Post Rock band. The song Auto Rock has been used in Top Gear, featured in the build-up to the Formula 1 Silverstone Grand Prix, in the trailer for the film The Brave One, and at the end of the 2006 film Miami Vice. The central piano riff is a citation of Crockett’s Theme that Jan Hammer wrote in 1984 for the original Miami Vice series.

A good tune to say good bye,

Engine Room

2 thoughts on “Another tribute

  1. Dear ER.
    Thank you very much for the kind words and excellent choice of music.
    All of the immediate family will meet in Aberdeen, not only to say goodbye to Dad but to look back and celebrate his long and happy life.
    Once again, thanks.

  2. Many thanks ER, you thoughts are much appreciated.
    An excellent piece of music, I love the way it builds up, but felt it stopped too soon.

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