a little of what you fancy…

Dear diablog,

A timely reminder from


Erica who has been concerned at my lack of attention to her Diablog needs:

Do you have feelings of inadequacy?
Do you suffer from shyness?
Do you sometimes wish you were more assertive?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, ask your doctor or pharmacist about…


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Recognizable songs

Dear Reader,

There are songs, quite rare, which after hearing once, you will recognize after the first few keys immediately every time they are played. The following is a prime example:

The song, Days of Pearly Spencer, as well as David McWilliams’ voice are extremely recognizable. Originally from the late 60s, the song has been covered many times in various languages. A cover by Marc Almond in 1992 made it into the charts again. But no cover gets close to the original.

I am certain, all our slightly older commentators have memories attached to that song.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

What are you afraid of?

Dear Reader,

Since Glynsky woke up from his premature hibernation, he calls it being busy, and returned to entertaining us, I might as well throw in some food for thought.

What got me going, was the English Prime Minister. Yes, again. Just when you think, he can’t go lower, he sets another record in political limbo dancing. His latest? Read his tweet about the election of Labour leader Corbyn:


The last time I checked, declaring someone a ‘threat to National Security’ meant, the government could revoke his/her citizenship. Or put that person on the kill list. And that is how the Prime Idiot reacts to a democratically elected opposing politician?

This scare mongering got me thinking about the discussion about immigration. What are you scared of?

Crime? Yes, it is likely that there are a few criminals among the large group of immigrants. And so are within the existing population. It is not like we do not have any criminals, is it? The faster we get people integrated, the earlier that is solved.

Unemployment? As someone else said: If a foreigner without licenses, with no or few language skills, and with no social network can take your job, then there is something wrong with your career plan.

Germany managed to integrate ~17 million people from the GDR, when the wall came down. The Eastern Germans spoke a similar language. But they had zero knowledge about economy, markets, finance, insurances, job hunting, real estate, anything. They had been behind the iron curtain for 40 years. And from what I hear, almost everybody has a roof over his/her head and very few go hungry.

How did Germany finance that? It introduced a solidarity tax of 5.5% of income tax, capital gains tax, and corporation tax. Low income households are exempt. Everyone paid a little more, so the whole society is better off. Nobody likes paying taxes. But isn’t that the basic idea of fairness?

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

eye spy 4…

Dear diablog,

I guess that all good things come to an end and it would probably be boring to bang on with the million pics I have about vehicles used in the making of The Man From UNCLE.

So, as the penultimate post on the subject, some stuff taken whilst at Leavesden.


If you have seen the film you may recall that a lot of it was set

DSC05429 - Copy

in, supposedly, East Berlin



wonderful what one can do with plywood and papier mache….


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getting hammered…

Dear diablog,

My time over the past few weeks and probably for the coming 2 or 3 seems to be getting under more and more pressure. Why? Just too much on and too much to arrange.

One of the things that took several days was the, to become annual, Glynsky


Party. What a corker that proved to be. The first decent day of sun for weeks and a collection of enthusiastic players


keen to learn and demonstrate their prowess at the finer subtleties of the game


in keeping with the ‘official’ rules.

I have been given a wonderful set


and maybe, just maybe, we may instigate a G+P Croquet Tournament at the start of summer next year – providing, that is, that unlike this year there is one!

Yours, diablog, mallet at the ready


It’s nine o’clock on a Saturday …

Dear Reader,

At least in the UK it is somewhat near that time now. And this is the first line of one of the best bar/pub songs ever.

Of course I am talking about:

Billy Joel – Piano Man

Since┬áThe Druid neither has a man cave, nor a den, nor a shed, I do hope he has what I call a 2nd living room. A pub, or bar, or club close to home, his home away from home. Where you do not have to order, because the barkeeper knows what you’ll have. And he will make your drink, when he sees you walking in. No man should be without.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room