maybe, just maybe, ER has a point…

Dear diablog,

I cannot believe how time flies by and how much of my time has been taken up in recent weeks rushing around all over the place.

Things are not likely to get any better for the next 10 days with visitors and business appointments filling even more time.

Maybe it is time to go on the run – and this is how (or maybe not!) to go about it!

I am sorry to alert you to this Channel 4 programme, The Hunted, so late in the day but if you have not been watching it – catch up, now!

I am not sure that I fully agree with this but one thing is clear – it is very good television and I am fascinated not so much by how and what the 14 do to evade ‘arrest’ but the odd bits of info, eg ‘there are more than 20,000 (yes that’s right) surveillance cameras on the London Tube…

and that the UK is the most camera infested country in Europe.

The efforts to evade the ‘authorities’ are really interesting and I wonder, given the same circumstances, whether I could have survived.

Each ‘quarry’ was given a sum of money and had to evade the amazing TV created control centre – and all the gizmos, techniques and hardware available to them – for as long as possible.

Staffed by ex everything to do with spy catching whatever it was absorbing as to the best ways to avoid capture and certainly makes you think.

If you, unlike me, have the time check it out on catch up. I think there are still a couple of episodes to go but start at the beginning to get the whole deal.

Yours, diablog, in hiding


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  1. Glynsky maybe, just maybe agreeing with ER ?? Whatever next ?? ER stating that Pinot Grigio Blush is a good wine ??

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