How bad is it?

Dear Reader,

After warning Glynsky – and you – for years about the danger of surveillance, last week the overlord of diablog gave in. Here he mentioned for the first time, that I might have a point.

Prior he had nothing to hide, it was in the best interest of society, freedom of speech had its limits, criminals must be found, bla bla bla. Like tens of millions of people Glynsky had swallowed the kool-aid fed to the masses by our politicians, government officials, and conservative media.

And, what a coincidence, last week those same politicians got caught with their pants down. It is hilarious. The hypocrisy is beyond fiction. Seriously, you could not make this stuff up.

On Wednesday a British court ruled, that the GCHQ is allowed to ‘monitor’ members of parliament. Please note the newspeak, they are calling it monitoring, not surveillance or spying.

Wait, what? Haven’t they always? I mean, if the GCHQ – in collaboration with the NSA – is spying on the whole country and all other countries, doesn’t that include the MPs?

Obviously not. See, those same MPs, who have been selling you bullshit about surveillance for more than a decade now, have been exempt from the spying. Or at least, they were made to believe that. While you have been under surveillance 24/7, the MPs thought they were not. It is quite easy to agree to something bad, if it does not impact you, isn’t it? If you ever needed an example of ‘not in my backyard’, there it is.

But it gets better. On Thursday, less than 24 hours (!) after the court decision, the MPs held an emergency meeting. Because, now that it is them being put under surveillance, now surveillance is bad. And those MPs aren’t even ashamed of themselves.

They knew all too well, what surveillance means. It means, among other nasty things, that you are open to blackmail. That little marijuana habit, the mistress, the little bit of cheating on your taxes, all that comes handy, when the GCHQ wants to convince an MP how to vote. Oh, you want to cut our budget? Wouldn’t it be a pity, if the voters learned about that undeclared income from the lobbyists? You might have to step down. Of course, there is no need for that, if our budget isn’t cut.

In conclusion, not only have the MPs been lying to you for many years about surveillance. Also they think only the sheep should be fleeced. They of course are above that. They deserve better. You are plebs. They rule.

If it wasn’t so damn serious, one could turn it into comedy.

Stay sane,

Engine Room

One thought on “How bad is it?

  1. Written like that it does sound impossibly humourus.
    I am glad that Mr G finally listened to your side, it makes for a frustrating picture otherwise.
    It sounds like such an uncertain future. How sad.

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