for england and saint…

Dear diablog,

This man


Referee Joubert, was obviously in the mind of Signor Shakespeare in the Henry V


speech, though he got the name wrong.

G+P suggests that he should now be the patron saint of England for services to the happiness and well being of rugby fans.

The slime and anger of Tweeters, Trolls and members of the SNP (the Jocks have always been poor losers) is so funny and warms my heart.

They (the Jock Whinging Brigade) have even had a pop at JK


who has had the temerity, as a true ‘Briton’, to marry a Jock and offer her support to their fans for the (wonderful) mistake by M. Joubert. The bile and attacks on her for not being a true Jock and daring to try to support her husband defy description. May they all rot in the Hebrides.

Long live St. Joubert! Maybe he will feature in the next Harry P book.

Yours, diablog, really enjoying the pain of those of the north


8 thoughts on “for england and saint…

  1. I agree he should be St. Joubert.
    As an Englishman working in a Scottish office, you can imagine the whinging.
    I’m used to it as they never have anything to look forward to.
    They get upset when I fly the Union Jack from the ceiling during major tournaments, I even fly it on St George’s day. maybe I should fly it 15 April as it’s Andre Jouberts birthday.
    Flying the flag for England

  2. I heard they have small penis’s because they take too much steroids. Like a cocktail sausage once I was told.

  3. Ouch! I like it. Not the small prick, the empathy with Joubert shown above. I wonder if with the speed he left the field, his little’n actually was between his legs!

  4. In-between! You obviously haven’t seen the old man who learned to somehow ‘suck it in’ to avoid his martials arts opponents using it against him. I can only hazard a guess that he paid Smiles a visit HA!

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