keeping time…

Dear diablog,

You may consider this as irrelevant and a quick way to get over the problem of too little time to post regularly at the moment – but you are wrong.

Mme. and I are unashamedly addicted to Strictly on Saturday nights and record it to revisit at any time.

Sometimes the most unlikely person gives a performance of truly astounding skill – added to which I am totally, hopelessly in love with Aliona!


Add to this the discovery of a real dancer lurking inside the rather ordinary Jay McGuiness, whose success as a singer is ‘ok’ at best, and things explode onto the screen.

Even at height of his terpsichorean skills Glynsky would have been daunted by the routine ‘jive’ the two of them got through.

Really worth a watch

Yours, diablog, with twinkletoes


9 thoughts on “keeping time…

  1. With you on this. We share your addiction.
    Jay was a surprise, until you google him and find that he went to two of the best dance schools in the country, so he is trained, as are all three of the leader board – as they should be! Terpsichorean he is, but not on a professional level until now. Never knew his singing abilities (or lack of), as don’t keep abreast of these things, especially boy bands.

  2. I will be off the dance floor for some time as I have twisted my knee. Seeing a specialist on Tuesday. With luck, I will never have to get up and dance again.
    Now, Glynsky is quite a mover, as in removal man.

  3. Sorry hear that Smiles. Get better soon. Maybe you can be a zombie for Halloween since your knee is in character anyway?

  4. Hi.
    I didn’t want to miss this opportunity so I thought I should ask for a favour before its too late.
    So I have always thought it unfortunate for someone to be injured but at the same time it seemed to me to open up the perfect opportunity to learn how to do the splits.
    I wish it was me but despite my clumsiness I have never had a physical injury.
    So….- the favour..
    Smiles can you do the splits and tell me if it hurts. Since you are in pain I sorta assure it wont hurt.
    Lemme know! Lucky Mr!

  5. Dear Casper
    I cannot do the splits but I have enjoyed in the past a Banana Split or two,
    Maybe one day, as my new Trainer is concentrating more on mobility.

  6. Casper. Open the throttle and slowly slid down until you can take the heat with your hands on the floor. Then keep pushing until you get there or something gives. Good luck and don’t look down, it might be a long way before you warm your buttocks on that carpet.

  7. All the best Smiles! You will do just great.
    Pips Thank You for the advice-
    Enjoy your Monday everyone.
    Many Hugs!

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