2 thoughts on “Resounding at the Engine Room right now

  1. If you read the last words of ER’s post and the first words of Glynsky’s you get ‘for Smiles, off your trolley’
    I rest my case.

  2. Not related to this, but from a previous blog where Glynsky went off to Baseingstoke for a ’60s night out.

    We spent a wonderful evening with Jasper Carrot the other night, supported by his mates the Bev Bevan band. For those who have never heard of him, he was and now will be again on their revival, the drummer for ELO (dream on G – are you still bashing?) and in the ’70s the Move (who I saw in Dunstable in ’69). Also saw the last ELO concert in the ’70 at Wembley. Anyway, with him were Geoff Turton of the Rockin’ Berries – so funny and great voice; Phil Tree from Wizzard – another Move connection; Tony Kelsey – of Stevie Winwood and a youngster in Abby Brant on electric piano who was brilliant!

    They are still touring and I would recommend you venture out to see them if you can. A splendid evening of lots of laughter and great ‘Oldies!

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