some things have to be exclusive…

Dear diablog,

As you know 96 Club posts tend to be of a number of vehicles rather than just one – and don’t worry, I have loads more from this year’s wonderful selection.

However, once in a while something that really deserves a space of its own turns up – and this is one.

A superlative, original and real Alfa Romeo ‘Monza‘.


Glynsky once had the great honour of being ‘loaned’ one to race at Silverstone, Zolder and Dijon – and it was no less than the one used by Nuvolari in 1933 to win Le Mans!

Indeed, the owner of that one also owned (but never trusted to Glynsky (!!!!)) the 8C 35 Type C which he has since sold – the price mentioned in the Wiki link above and no wonder I was only allowed to look at it!

Whatever, just for your/my pleasure check this lot out as the real deal for a sunny drive through the West End – sod the Lambos, Porche, Bentleys, this is the way to go!




Simply spectacular


with the gearbox oil filler sticking out under the exhaust





including this dubiously useful air duct


but with nowhere for the GF to sit!


Forgot, need her to push start it.

Yours, diablog, in reverie


8 thoughts on “some things have to be exclusive…

  1. LOL! Funny guy!
    Since it is nearly Christmas I am sure she will pardon your balls. There is plenty hanging on the tree already-wouldn’t want it to look tacky would we? :-)

  2. You can keep all your modern super cars, most of them will never become classics.
    As far a classics are concerned, the Alfa is high up on the list.

    Yours freewheeling towards the weekend

  3. Impressive car and history. I can understand your attachment G. Tell me though, why the Ferrari emblem on the sides of an Alpha?

    Great pictures by the way Druid. The 6 wheeler obviously never made the grade in real race terms, but an interesting experiment.

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