Thank you

Dear Reader,

The old tradition on Thanksgiving is to say what you are thankful for.

A good time to say, we are thankful for our beloved commentators:







and Inverness Druid

Who, I just noticed, has no avatar yet. Glynsky, do something!

We are equally thankful for our supporters and muses:








Cousin Tony


and many more. Only Glynsky knows them all.

And last but not least, we are thankful for all you, readers.

You all together make this great fun.

Thank you,

Engine Room

5 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. With what this is because of our hard work and efforts.
    I look forward to what time brings as it seems to be bringing us closer X to the treasures in your hearts; I am happy that I get a glimpse at times X

  2. Thanks to all who bring us the diablog and to the commentators.
    It is time that the Inverness Druid had an avatar and I am really curious what Glynsky will choose for my beloved brother. It could really make my Christmas.
    Talking of Christmas, I had my first Christmas dinner yesterday evening with our Representative for the Baltic Republics. Still several more to go. I have to be careful as I do not want to end up looking like Glynsky.
    Have a good weekend,

  3. Donna worrie – you still piccolo fry.
    Very puzzled as to why ER suddenly being so nice. Menopause? Guilt? Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown??
    Need to get to the bottom of this – more anon

  4. I add my thanks to all on the blog, but special thanks to ER for keeping it all working.
    I personally love Glynsky’s motoring entries, but love the comments from all especially Philippa’s jokes.
    Good weekend to all

  5. Gosh – yes what has come over ER? Mind – we don’t have thanksgiving here in Blighty, but the way things get replicated here from the US, I wouldn’t be surprised if w see it introduced soon. Whatever, in the spirit of the occasion may I expend my luv to all and sundry.
    It’s so nice to be appreciated, not something I’m aware of that much. ER you are a stalwart for keeping this blog on the road and all of you’s who contribute make the thing chuckle along. We seem to have some very sexy chicks getting in on the act here. Looks like I better keep the jokes up then! Wasn’t sure if anyone was listening.
    Glynsky, you need to work harder if the illusive Pete is to remain out of it. I don’t mind filling in occasionally if I have the facility, just need to know how….

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