Romeo, oh Romeo

Dear Reader,

Are you thinking Shakespeare now? Good. Because he inspired the name of something I want to talk about in the following.

A while back I mentioned cigars here. Actually, we mentioned cigars more than once on diablog. And during one of my last trips one of the spectacular hosts provided me with something special. A real Cuban Romeo y Juliet:




and my very favorite of those, the Churchill:



Update: Sorry, I forgot the music to go with this. Here it is:

Buena Vista Social Club – Chan Chan

The Brits might not care, they can have them any time. In the US Cuban cigars are still illegal.

So, before the DEA or any other three letter agency confiscates it, throws me in jail, or what ever, I will enjoy this world famous treasure,

in peace,

Engine Room

8 thoughts on “Romeo, oh Romeo

  1. Estimado Companero ER
    From the age of 20 to 25 years I worked for a Cuban owned Company in London. Apart from the beautiful Cuban women, it was always a pleasure to sit with a Cuba Libre and a cigar from the many boxes lying around.
    Your post brought back fond memories.

  2. Used to be a pleasure of mine in times gone by, but gave up all the puffing long ago in the name of good health. I remember selling a pile of boxes of 50 Cuban cigars (probably 12 or so), to a work colleague for £20 in 1989! I used to buy them for a few dollars a box in them days.
    Don’t choke ER.

  3. A fantastic group of musicians.
    I can remember the days when Smiles & I enjoyed a good cigar after dinner.
    Will Havana ever be ruined by the likes of McDonalds & Burger King. Maybe I
    should visit soon.

  4. Dear ER. Just follow Highway No. 1 to the end as in Key West you can get plenty of Cuban Cigars made by Cubans.
    I agree with the Druid. Time to go to Cuba before it is too Americanised. Plenty of old cars for Glynsky and beautiful women, who know how to move.

  5. You guys are all M. A. D. If you enjoyed the cigars so much YTF have you given them up? So by smoking you live to 85 instead of 95 – and?????? What is so attractive about being useless to anyone?
    PS to ER. I still have 2 of them for you. I bought 3!!!!!

  6. I have a Cuban too ER, his name is Diega- I should probably tell his family I have him.anyway -so, ER am I your man too?

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