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At the same time, according to his comment here, DiaBlog is being censored on his company network.

How often did I warn you Brits of censorship? For how many years now? But you just keep calm and carry on. Be an obedient subject to the Queen, your Prime Idiot, your boss, and who ever else feels like enforcing his or her views upon what you can read and what you cannot. Have a cup of tea, watch some soccer and TV.

While France had a little bit of terrorism, a little bit in comparison to what Europe had in the 70s and 80s, every idiotic politician on earth is demanding more censorship and surveillance. Never mind, that France already has given up civil rights under that ridiculous mini- and wannabe Napoleon, aka Sarkosy. They already have all the authority to spy on the whole country.

And, did it help? Surprise, surprise, it did not. It is all security theater. Fig leaves to keep you distracted from the incompetence. But I have been saying that for years too.

Naturally, the Prime Idiot cannot be out done, when it comes to wasting your money.

He now wants to increase the counter terrorism budget by a lofty 35%. And do what? Buy American F-35 jets. Because nothing says counter terrorism like a fighter jet. In particular one, that cannot really fly, or fire its main weapon due to software problems (to be fixed by 2019, maybe).

Brilliant move, Cameron, our military complex says thank you. I guess, payment is on the way? Or would you prefer a future career as Middle East convoy?

In exchange for the expenditures Cameron wants to cut social service and the police force.  Now I thought, bombing people creates terrorists, and the police force is in charge of catching them. But that’s just stupid me. I must be completely wrong there. I am sure, you English know better.

Update: In his next comment here, the Inverness Druid wishes for a pinball machine. That I cannot do, but this here I can:

Elton John – The Who – Pinball Wizard

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2 thoughts on “InvernessDruid Avatar

  1. Thank you for the great music ER, a true classic, even featured Keith Moon before he departed our world.
    As for the British government, we are the lapdog of the USA and are at their beck & call. We can’t make up our mind which side we want to be in bed with, Europe or USA.
    Isn’t it time we realise we don’t have the money to join the big boys in the world, we are a small island with too many immigrants who all want a bite of the cherry. We don’t rule the waves anymore so lets get back to protecting our island and stop getting involved with world battles that we won’t win.

    Yours, on a rant

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