lookin’ good…

Dear diablog,

For reasons best known to themselves both Engine Room and Bro. Smiles have challenged me to select an avatar for our commenter Inverness Druid.

I am a little puzzled as to why because I had thought that the selection was usually chosen by the user.

However, initially I was using


as it appeared that he was on the phone to the said Bro. Smiles,but alternatives could include…

…the impressive,


the wistful,

druid2the gregarious,

druid3or the downright agressive!


Mind you, given his age and love of mechanics and cars, how about


Whichever or whatever he chooses, may he long be one of our number.

Yours, diablog, at the pictures


18 thoughts on “lookin’ good…

  1. I never chose my avatar but I am quite happy with George Clooney.
    I think that the first one suits him well although I was thinking of the Grim Reaper.

  2. Woohoo that is what I like to hear- now who is the lucky Mr that will do the honour of photoshop’n me a big pink penus on my avatar??? Better yet: I want it just like Glynskys’ ??? X ha! Gotta Luv mondays X

  3. Good morning blog. It would appear that the office IT Police have deemed Glynsky & Pete an unsuitable site and access has been denied. Big brother is watching your every move.
    Glynsky, I rather like the second avatar, the wood Druid.

    1. Dear Druid,

      Your wish is my command (see post).

      Out of curiosity, what are we blocked for?
      Tobacco? Drinks?
      What is the error message?

      Don’t get into trouble, please.


  4. So they pervade even the Druids office! Mind you, after Casper’s comment I am not surprised!
    Whoaaar Caspie, too much info! Wot you on?

  5. Ooopsy!?! Is that my fault??
    I will settle for a wooden staff instead..
    Its your fault Glynsky for getting everyone excited. X

  6. Birthmark ?? He does not even have a Birth Certificate. Will a a copy of his Production Certificate do ? It is a bit tatty and torn. Actually, just like him !

  7. Is that when actors have babies or something, they get a production certificate?
    ..anyway he knows I am excitable, and I really don’t like saying stuff on here atm as I am savagey/wild rarrr/ uncontrolled like a beast grrr.
    So stop until I have my affairs in order, or ill say what comes to my mind and most is nonsense!

    Casper X

  8. Dear Casper.
    Keep writing what comes to the mind and the majority will continue doing what we have been doing for some time ie not understanding you and ignoring what you write.

  9. Ouchy- that’s abit spicy for a Monday morning..is it because I didn’t want to be your penis bro?
    Do you want to play with me instead, of Glynsky? HA! X

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