as the simpsons say, dough…

Dear diablog,

I have just finished packing away the pizza oven (mentioned earlier this year) and got to thinking how much I like the stuff and will miss not lighting it for a few months.

To put you into the same mood I didn’t repost Mouldy Old Dough but thought this was apt

though a non sequitur so this may be better (and sent to me by, of all people) the much missed Pete (and the wrong product!)

dough this is supreme – filmed of me in the hall of Glynsky Towers!

Oh well, its back to Pizza Express I suppose.

Yours, diablog, mixing with the salsa


Gold of the Gascogne

Dear Reader,

In line with this post, here is another drink worth your attention. Again, it was introduced by friends while visiting.

Clotte de Manon comes from the best sites of the Armagnac region within the Gascogne:

Armagnac is known since 1461. It is distilled continuously only once, different to Cognac for example. Armagnac is aged only in new oak barrels made of black oak from the Gascogne.

Another specialty, the fruit wine used as basis for Armagnac cannot be sulfurated, or otherwise altered, or have additives. Armagnac is as pure as it gets. Which makes it better than Cognac in my book.

And this Armangac is perfect after a good meal, or with a good cigar.


Engine Room

your email

Dear Reader,

Consider me in a rage. Yes, I am ready to throw a fit. The next person contacting me via an email account by:


can expect to be shot. All those are domains by bloody, fucking Microsoft. And they just stole hours of my life, again.

Microsoft has no clue what they are doing. Scared of competing Gmail (by Google) they turn email into FUBAR. How so?

Microsoft is forwarding emails through at least two of those domains, mostly three. Most of their domains are abused by spammers constantly. Thus, everybody handling email services hates Microsoft already. Them and their victims, aka customers. And as if that alone would not be bad enough, Microsoft uses outdated spam lists. What does that mean? Let me explain.

There are dozens of servers, which maintain blacklists of spammers. Without going into detail, they work to identify servers, through which a lot of spam is sent. Those servers and corresponding IP addresses are ‘blacklisted’. Servers then use those blacklists to block emails from the servers and IP addresses listed there. All of that to prevent you from receiving spam. So far so good.

Two of the dozens of blacklists are outdated. They went out of business. And they informed their customers accordingly, asking them to stop using the lists. As the lists are outdated, they produce what is called ‘false positives’. Meaning, email is labeled spam and blocked subsequently, although it is perfectly legitimate.

What does Microsoft do with all its own spamming webmail domains? They continue to use the outdated lists. And are blocking legitimate emails. Can you inform Microsoft about their FUBAR? It is a nightmare. Do they react, after you went through the hustle? Not at all. So, I just spent hours, trying to get a client off those outdated spam lists, just because Microsoft is incompetent.

Why am I writing all this?

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way to go…

Dear diablog,

Whatever Glynsky’s misdemeanour’s of the past couple of weeks visits to the 96 continue without abatement.

You all constantly accuse me of only liking Italian cars – well not altogether true but the October meet certainly had more than its fair share – starting with Glynsky’s GTC alongside a more modern cousin


and a relatively modern but very beautiful Alfa which I covet



(interesting how the colour changes – this more like it)


and with a brilliant late 60’s interior.

However, how about these for cruising the London streets early on a sunny October Sunday morning…


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