Keep going

Dear Reader,

Diablog has not done one of the typical year end reviews. There is no “best of 2015”. I did not feel like it. Too many bad things happened within the last couple of weeks.

US Congress forced CISA down our throat. UK spy agencies are running Big Brother databases like PRESTON, behind the back of everybody including the MPs. France, which prior to the recent attacks had vast yet useless surveillance in place already, introduced a law giving the police and its spy agencies card blanche. We are running towards a police state full speed. Point in case, while we have dropping crime rates, police brutality is on the rise.

What keeps me going?

Every year in December the Chaos Computer Club (CCC), the largest association of hackers in Europe. runs its annual congress. The Chaos Communication Congress attracts well over 12,000 people now. You don’t have to travel there, all talks are streamed and recorded. You can attend online, so to speak. And many talks are in English.

Someone is not happy with the CCC, as shown by the ongoing DDoS attack against its infrastructure. Luckily, all talks are uploaded not only to, which is under attack. You can watch the talks on youtube as well. And one of the presentations this year was Ten years after ‚We Lost The War‘.

In 2005 the hackers waved the white flag. In their ‘We Lost The War’ speech then, they considered the fight against surveillance and oppressive regimes lost. Now we got an update, it is linked above and embedded below:

To quote Rop:

We need to be the clowns. If the minister of internal affairs says: “I cannot give you that information, it would make the people feel insecure.”, he deserves nothing but loud laughter.

To a healthy, funny new year,

wishing you all the best for 2016,

Engine Room

we wish you a merry christmas…

Dear anyone there,

Thank you for reading us, laughing with us, putting up with a certain person’s paranoia and, well, just joining in.

I very much apologise that as for the first time EVER I shan’t be at home over Christmas my postings over the coming week will be minimal.

Woteva, I and all at G+P wish everyone, every where a VERY


with Good Cheer and Good Friends – even if you have been unfortunate enough to have been selected as a candidate to share three days with Engine Room’s extended family.

Carrrramba – I thought public torture had been outlawed.

Yours, diablog, in the spirit


Alternative Holidays

Dear Reader,

While Glynsky complains about office parties and tries to motivate you to pick up crazy sport here, I’d like to introduce you to an alternative holiday set up.

Some background first, my family is huge. And I had the great pleasure to enjoy tremendous holiday parties, some lasting three days, some going on for two weeks. Never less than 15 people, mostly we were 25 to 45, having great fun, a lot of warmth and harmony, delicious meals, great wines, and everything you could ask for.

On the other hand, I also have very fond memories of my first holiday season all by myself. For a long time I had access to a huge house in a skiing area. The house had an entrance hall with a huge fireplace, library, music room, salon, bar, playroom, TV room, dining hall, and eight bedrooms. There were two kitchens with fully stocked fridges and freezers plus a wine and beer cellar. The most useless room was a gym.

One year all this was mine to enjoy, all by myself. And luck had it, that year we had a ton of snow. The village was snowed in, cut off from the rest of the world. For four days nobody could get in, and nobody could get out. It was by far my most silent holiday season ever.

I spent it in front of the fireplace, reading, enjoying simple food like steak and whole chicken with delicious wines. It was quiet and peaceful and very relaxing. If you are tired of big party holiday seasons, if you want to unwind, I highly recommend something similar.

And here is the music I discovered then. This is Eric Satie with six of his most famous pieces:

I mentioned him earlier on diablog here. Eric Satie influenced people like Maurice Ravel and Pablo Picasso. And Keith Jarrett “borrowed” heavily from him.

This music is excellent, maybe one of the best, for a lazy Sunday, for calm and peaceful days all by yourself. Sitting by an open fire, enjoying drinks and a cigar, following your own thoughts.

Happy holidays,

Engine Room

wonderful, how do they find the time to do it…

Dear diablog,

The more observant of you may well have noticed that I have not, this year, subjected you to the worst in music which has been my habit in recent years. This is mainly ‘cos I didn’t want to depress myself!!

It may well be that, despite this number being the biggest seller for years and dominant in 2015, the Druid wont like it BUT the reason for this post is not so much the tune but this absolutely brilliant marriage to a selection of clips old and new which must have taken someone ages.

You can but marvel at the artistry and level of research and sync.

Yours, diablog, singing along



Dear Reader,

Normally we do not moderate comments on diablog. Because a) we don’t have to, and b) we love our commentators way too much.

For transparency this is to let you know, that today is the rare exception. I deleted some meaningless, repetitive, one-word comments, which might have been a mistake. or something. They did not add anything to the conversation. Nothing of value was lost.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room