wonderful, how do they find the time to do it…

Dear diablog,

The more observant of you may well have noticed that I have not, this year, subjected you to the worst in music which has been my habit in recent years. This is mainly ‘cos I didn’t want to depress myself!!

It may well be that, despite this number being the biggest seller for years and dominant in 2015, the Druid wont like it BUT the reason for this post is not so much the tune but this absolutely brilliant marriage to a selection of clips old and new which must have taken someone ages.

You can but marvel at the artistry and level of research and sync.

Yours, diablog, singing along


3 thoughts on “wonderful, how do they find the time to do it…

  1. An excellent piece of editing, though I was hoping to see Wilson, Kepple & Betty.

    I must admit to not being a fan of that style of dancing, was good in it’s day.

    Yours, trying to say awake

  2. While you aren’t particular with time, why not, I spend my time doing pranks etc- it is inevitable that this wont interest me as much later on.

    I am having fright to be depressed…get the music churning! X

    Have a good day! X
    Casper X

  3. Sorry – just picked this up G, as I’ve been too busy to check out my computer lately! Anyway this is just brilliant. I wouldn’t normally listen to this music, but with the clips it is amazing. Like you say someone put a huge amount of effort into producing it Where can I find it to share it with others?

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