Spirit in the sky

Dear Reader,

You cannot imagine how grateful I am, that Glynsky is sparing us his usual xmas muzak this year. Yet, our beloved commentator Smiles,


seems to be missing it, at least he gave a hint here. In case someone else is missing spiritual – what does that word even mean? – music, here is one for you:

Norman Greenbaum – Spirit in the Sky

And, according to this year’s Christmas stamp:


‘Maria on keyboard and Joseph on vocals’

Enjoy the holiday season,

Engine Room

forget the pud, get healthy…

Dear diablog,


phirripa real

is obviously, a bit like Casper, into maleness (if such a word exists!) and keeping ‘up to it’.

She saw fit to give us all a lesson into what we should be doing right now instead of tucking into mince pies and enjoying the dreaded office party. Certainly the balance needed is not commensurate with the intake of alcohol…


… but I know which I prefer!!

Life needs ‘balance’.

Yours, diablog, freewheelin’


PS. If you can’t take the whole thing (it is quite long) the outakes at the end are worth it – they are actually human!

We agree, Glynsky is late

Dear Reader,

The headline is somewhat wrong and misleading. There should be a period instead of a comma. I am pointing this out, because of the recent struggle with spelling, missing words, grammar, and reading properly here on diablog.

Back to the points, what do Glynsky and I agree upon? First, that Glynky’s latest recommendation here, Angel’s Share, is a great movie. Secondly, that Glynsky misspelled the title, missing the apostrophe in Angel’s.

But then, as the famous xkcd pointed out a long time ago:

There is always someone wrong on the internet.

On to why our dear Glynsky is late, I might add, as usual. Because I recommended the movie three (3 !) years ago. On October 28, 2012, I wrote Enjoy Responsibly, with the movie title even in the headline. Been there. Done that.

In related news, I went to Glasgow not too long ago. I know, the English aren’t fond of the Scots. But I get along with Scots very well, and have zero problems with their accent. Glasgow seems to be a great city, and it has very very friendly people. Hopefully I will be back soon. I’ll let you know. In the meantime, from Glasgow:

Simple Minds – Promised you a miracle

Keep on rolling,

Engine Room

Who is terrorizing us really?

Dear Reader,

During recent discussions with friends in Europe the terrorist acts in France came up all the time. And to some extent I understand. After 9/11 it took me a while to get over it. Sort of. But I think it is high time for some reasoning.

Gladly a German guy provides exactly what we need. Please have a look at the following graphic:


Quite impressive, isn’t it? Europe had real (!) terrorism during the 70s and 80s. And since then the numbers dropped dramatically. You are safer now than anytime during the 70s and 80s. But do you feel that way? If not, ask yourself: Why?

Because the ones terrorizing us, are our governments and the media. Both are profiting from the hysteria. The media get attention and can sell more ads.

And the governments think they can blow even more money on militarizing the police, starting wars, increasing surveillance, and what ever they fancy. Like sheep, people are united by an external threat. There is less infighting during an external attack. And as long as you are artificially (!) concerned about ‘terrorism’, you are distracted from government mistakes.

Please, don’t act like sheep.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

are you ready?…

Dear diablog,

With the Christmas break looming you, and many others, will be probably looking forward to at least one or two days slumped in front of the television.

If like Glynsky you enjoy a good film you may not find what you want available so this seems an opportunity to make two suggestions very much enjoyed recently.

I love Romcoms (girlie that I am) and if you are prepared to accept the most ridiculous of plot lines with the most unlikely of situations and character profiles possible (which I also do) you could do a lot worse than try ‘Barefoot’

I found it gentle and good fun.

On the other hand…


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post now for christmas…

Dear diablog,

A short while back I posted a Ramones track – much, so it seemed, to the disgust of the Druid


– there you are, used one!

As a second bite of the cherry this is what was cut onto the other side. Surely he can’t take issue with this too?

Not only is the old Box Tops ’60’s hit worthy of an excellent reinterpretation/make over, why not by a first class artist as well.

Both available now on the Glynsky Jukebox


Yours, diablog, first class