worth the trouble…

Dear diablog,

I hope that, if you checked them out, you enjoyed the two suggested movies for Christmas.

In our dedicated search to improve the leisure time of the world Mme. and I stumbled across another truly exceptional flick the other day for which all 3 main actors deserve more than the praise of a diablog scribbler. They were formidable.

I have never thought of Kevin Kline as exceptional but did he deliver the goods! Maggie was, as always, was brilliant and Kirsten too rocked.

So there you go – get it in for the weekend – its a dark, emotional, funny, serious Romcom – and I’ll be pleased if anyone can sum it up in fewer words!!

An object lesson in how one’s idea of life is totally different to another’s.

Yours, diablog, in the one and nines



3 thoughts on “worth the trouble…

  1. I shall take your recommendation Glynsky.

    Showing one’s age when you can remember the one & nines.

    Do they still have Saturday morning pictures.

    Yours, in the ABC club

  2. Now you can both go to the cinema on certain days for half price and travel there freel with your bus pass :-)

  3. Smiles doesn’t realise he’s reached that age where he is entitled to his bus pass as well. That would mean Smiles would have to use public transport, no much chance of that happening.

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