here we go, here we go..,.,

Dear diablog,

The New Year seems to have brought all sorts edible treats which have lead to the inevitable ‘ballooning’ of Glynsky’s profile (much to the pleasure, probably, of Smiles – comments anticipated!).

In an effort to (possibly!) address this I have decided on radical action and am very tempted to join a convenient

Zumba class! Apparently even the elusive Pete might join me.

I doubt that it would be as much fun as this but……

Yours, diablog, contemplating the disappearing navel



7 thoughts on “here we go, here we go..,.,

  1. Actually, without my glasses he does look like a younger, much lighter and suntanned version of you. Alternatively, the Zumba Classes are working for you.

  2. Now there’s a guy who is in love with himself, even those Speedos are suspect.
    Not that any of us could get into Speedos any more.

    Zumba classes would suit you Glynsky as long as you take oxygen with you.

    Smiles and I are more into moving heavy metal in the gym surrounded by young ladies in multi coloured Lycra.

    Yours, feeling the burn

  3. I do my training alone, so I am not distracted by the young ladies in lycra.
    Also. I do not need to wait for equipment or weights to be free.

  4. My God – what a total p….. Must be gay, never mind the come on by that woman in the front row. If that’s the “music” they use for zumba, they can do it without me. I’m with you Smiles, I do my training alone too these days.

  5. Distractions of young ladies in Lycra is the reason for training – sod the oxgen, if they can’t last my course its their prob.

  6. I hope that our dear ER is in London and not knee deep in snow in New York.
    If in New York, take care and keep warm. I know that you will have plenty to drink but sometimes you need water too :-)

  7. Is it just me, or did the guy skip leg-day way too often? Ladies?

    Water is for showers, baths and laundry.


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