4 thoughts on “Resounding at the Engine Room right now

  1. I’ve always been a great Who fan, I grew up in the era.
    I remember all the scooters and the coffee shop culture.

  2. I don’t believe that they were called coffee shops in your days, but we must make allowances for you being confused after living 2 years in Holland, where there are coffee shops. Absolutely not my scene !

  3. OK Smiles, I correct my statement, they were called coffee bars, complete with jukeboxes, but no alcohol and certainly before wacky backy.
    They had proper Italian coffee machines as seen in Costa etc. Unfortunately the British still haven’t learnt how to make good coffee.

  4. Well done !
    The only coffee to drink is an espresso or a double one.
    Maybe a cappuccino or two at breakfast but God forbid asking for one in Italy ater 11 am.
    Now all you need is a Juke Box and a Nespresso machine, so you can relive your youth. Probably the Nespresso machine is easier and takes up less room.

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