Binge Watching

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In a comment our beloved Philippa


asked, what I did during the bad weather. One answer is: binge watching. In this case I watched the whole of Band of Brothers. The HBO TV series does not need my praise. And actually, I was not that impressed. Following please find a few recommendations of what I consider better films.

Let’s start with the classic, The Longest Day, about D-Day.

Moving on to 1980 and The Big Red One. If you find this story and movie similar to Band of Brothers, then I agree. Must have been some “inspiration”.

Again, no coincidence, Tom Hanks. Executive Co-Producer of Brand of Brothers, starred in Saving Private Ryan from 1998. Released by Dreamworks SKG, with Steven Spielberg, the other Executive Co-Producer of Band of Brothers.

But if you really have the stomach to educate yourself about the holocaust, then watch The Death Mills. It was directed by Billy Wilder, created on behalf of the United States Department of War, for the re-education of Germans and Austrians after WW II. It is available online at the Internet Archive here

Beware this is original film material, shot by allied forces, when they liberated the death camps. This is heavy.

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