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Dear diablog,


phirripa real

continued fascination with civil engineering knows no bounds.

She sends us, hopefully for the real enjoyment of the Druid, a truly fascinating time elapsed clip from, I assume, China of the assembly of an awesome (hate the word but the only one for this) project which we assume has been fully completed.

The ingenuity of man astounds – and to quote Prince Philip, “everything not invented by God is invented by an engineer”.

Yours, diablog, selecting a spanner


Serendipity in music

Dear Reader,

We all at diablog love music. Some even qualify as aficionados., I guess.

Having a great music collection is lovely, but it does not give you serendipity. That’s why I favor clubs and life music. Whether you hear something new or an old favorite, you had forgotten about, it is great fun.

Others have the radio playing. And while driving a lot, I enjoyed that too. But most stations play the same stuff over and over. It gets boring quickly. Then came digital and internet radio. And I admit, I lost track. There are too many stations.

An alternative are services like, promising “Free personalized radio that plays the music you love”. I gave it a try twice, and it did not work for me. Too repetitive, too limited. And then there are spotify and other streaming services.

Now we have a new website with yet another approach:

You can pick a country and a decade, and then they promise to play the corresponding music. So you can listen to what was hot in Japan in the 80s, or in the UK in the 60s.

So far, is in Beta, one should expect glitches. But if it works, a trip around the world in any decade should be fun.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

Diversity wins

Dear Reader,

My apologies for being silent. Our most senior family member had a heart attack and that needed attention. Now all is well again, everyone is happy. Life is good. And 1st world health care is really really great.

What isn’t so great, is the media hype about what is called “sex mobs” by “refugees” or “asylum seekers” or “migrants” or foreigners. Since I was asked a lot, here is my take.

I follow a rule: One does not touch other people

Everybody has private space, and that is not to be invaded. Period.

Since some people do not play by that rule, there has been and still is groping, touching and other illicit body contact. Mostly this happens to women, but my ass has been groped occasionally in gay bars and by women. This is neither new, nor is it a foreign phenomena. Women, older than me, tell me it was much worse in the 60s and 70s. But everyone blaming just foreigners should talk women about their experiences. Or maybe talk to women in Bangkok, or other sex tourism countries. You will learn how well behaved our men are. Basically, assholes grope, not foreigners.

Following the above mentioned rule, I discussed with all girlfriends and kids, how to handle groping. Usually they yell at the person loudly and angrily. Or they slap the person across the face hard. Alternatively, they stomp hard onto the middle bone of his foot. In most cases the groper is embarrassed enough and leaves. If he does not, and I am asked to get involved, I will do so.

What happened on New Years Eve in Cologne and other cities in Europe is neither unheard of, nor new, nor foreign. This is also, why the police in its first statements about the night did not mention anything.

If in doubt ask yourself, why aren’t there any pictures and videos online? Whenever something extraordinary happens today, we have plenty of pictures and videos from bystanders. In the case of Cologne? Nothing. Nowhere. There were hundreds of people, and nobody took a picture? Nobody took a video?

Then the matter received attention. And then the media went bonkers. And then political enemies of the current government – from other parties as well as from within the ruling parties – used the case for what can only be called propaganda. It is propaganda against the German Chancellor.

But in a very rare case, I agree with Mrs. Merkel. Her decision to take in more refugees was and still is correct. She only failed to explain it. Let me do that for her.

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worth the trouble…

Dear diablog,

I hope that, if you checked them out, you enjoyed the two suggested movies for Christmas.

In our dedicated search to improve the leisure time of the world Mme. and I stumbled across another truly exceptional flick the other day for which all 3 main actors deserve more than the praise of a diablog scribbler. They were formidable.

I have never thought of Kevin Kline as exceptional but did he deliver the goods! Maggie was, as always, was brilliant and Kirsten too rocked.

So there you go – get it in for the weekend – its a dark, emotional, funny, serious Romcom – and I’ll be pleased if anyone can sum it up in fewer words!!

An object lesson in how one’s idea of life is totally different to another’s.

Yours, diablog, in the one and nines



the music goes around and around…

Dear diablog,

Just before Christmas I referred, in a post, to my Jukebox which drew the question from the Druid (good pun Glynsky – you well subtle) as to whether or not it was real. In addition, I recently mentioned ‘time at the glass’ by Carlo’s AMI.

I ‘spose that in this iPod world it seemed a reasonable thing to ask – but I was offended! Someone dared question the authenticity of my ‘Princess’.

Oddly, and for different reasons, I was ‘wandering’ around Youtube the other day and stumbled upon a certain ‘Mike’ who had an exact sister of mine for sale – a 1962 Rockola Princess.

As can be seen from the ‘tags’ I have assigned to this post, a 1962 Princess ticks a lot of boxes for me.

An iPod it is not – it has valves (neither oysters nor tyre) which no one under than 60 would understand (and most of those have no idea what they do or how), kinda lumpy electro-mechanicals (the sort that need vast lumps of aluminium to house them),  strange rotating wheels (a total of 4) which have to talk to each other but seem to get confused from time to time – actually, that is a disingenuous statement – and truly miles of wire wandering around to amp, preamp, bass, treble, hybrid (as in early stereo, not a Toyota), mono, ext and int (depending on where the speakers are) et al plus a wonderfully baffling coin acceptance/return system.

Everyone assumes that ‘shuffle’ exists everywhere, including in an electro-mechanical world. Sorry it can’t. Everything here is sequential and runs strictly from A to Z and then restarts at A – meaning that  whatever the order you have selected the music, it is not played in that order but always sequentially, which seriously confuses the grandchildren!!!

The one ‘wheel’  that fascinates me is the ‘play counter’ (approx 2.07 in the film) which is the yellow wheel identifying each record AND side played by a curved (to not take too much space) metal ‘rod’ which sticks out further each play. The idea is that when the machine is opened (usually weekly) by the record company rep he could identify which disc got the most/least plays and replace them with the latest to suit. And this information was crucial in deciding new releases/genres/taste changes and published ‘Top 20’s’.

Whatever, I am in love with my Princess and ‘Mike’ (who was actually trying to sell his thus devoting much footage to demonstrating its perfect condition) did us all a favour in recording the workings of a truly iconic machine – his musical taste, however, may be questioned by some!!

Yours, diablog, pressing all the right buttons


a day off…

Dear diablog,

The last two days have been very black.

It is rare that I am affected for very long but I hope you will understand my silence for part of this week.

I wont make a fuss but had some bad news (not relating to me or Mme) this weekend and am rather reflective at the moment.

Back soon