When free isn’t free

Dear Reader,

Are you a Windows 10 user? Did you update from Windows 7 or 8?

Then Microsoft lied to you, when they claimed Windows 10 would be free. Free as in free of charge. Because you paid for your earlier version of Windows, when you bought your computer.

Getting paid once isn’t enough for Microsoft. They make you pay for Windows 10 with all your data.

Now it is getting even better. Besides paying for your earlier version, and for Windows 10 with all your data, you are now force-fed advertising.You are now paying Microsoft as a viewer of their ads as well.

According to some media reports, Microsoft abuses your (!) computer and your (!) internet connection to show you advertising. If your computer goes into the lock screen, and you unlock it, there is an ad. Because you paying twice isn’t enough when it comes to Microsoft. You have to pay them continuously.

If you want to switch off those ads, here is how:


My recommendation of course is, to switch off Windows completely and switch to a better operating system. But that is just me.

Stay sane,

Engine Room

Spanish Ska

Dear Reader,

As mentioned here, I had the pleasure of traveling into Spanish speaking territory. And I had the pleasure to party – when did this become a verb? – with youngsters. And at one of those parties, in the early morning hours I played Madness. Two guys went nuts on the dance floor first, and then asked: “Do you like Ska?” What a question. Diablog readers know, Glynsky and I love Ska.

Then they surprised me with Spanish Ska. I wonder, whether Glynsky knows this:

The band name, Ska-P, is wordplay for escape as well as Ska – Punk. Supposedly, they are big in Latin and South America.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

slightly bad news

Dear Reader,

My apology for the few days of silence. It has two reasons.

The first reason is a good one. I went on another road trip, attended parties with younger folks, and had a pile of fun. More about that later.

The second reason is a bad one. And that caused a bit of additional and unexpected work.

During last weekend a server of Linuxmint.com was cracked. Since I like and recommend Linuxmint, being informed was important. You can read about the cracking here: http://blog.linuxmint.com/

As far as we know, you need to be concerned only, if you downloaded the installation file for Linuxmint 17.3 Cinnamon 64 Bit over the weekend and installed Linuxmint from that file. The crackers were able to change the download location to a server of theirs and had file with malicious code in there.

The second part of the bad news was, the crackers got in through a security hole in WordPress. We are using WordPress and I recommend it. Again, I wanted to know more, and whether we are affected.

All our software is up to date and we should be OK.

Back to fun stuff next,

Engine Room

extremes at the 96…

Dear diablog,

As you have seen over time the attendance at the 96 is seriously eclectic. In addition I have to offer my excuses if I show the same vehicle on more than one post – it can be a real pain to keep reviewing earlier posts to ensure that I don’t repeat myself.

I don’t think that this Frazer Nash Chain Ganger has been featured too much before. The wonderful thing about it is that it belongs to a relatively young man (about 35) who absolutely loves it and goes all over irrespective of weather – protection from which is minimal!


The front number plate is brill, and apparently Mr. Plod has never taken him to task


and from the rear quarter it is really pretty. Brings back my Austin 7 days. And the steering wheel? – the passenger must be punched black and blue on twisty roads!


let alone a face full of rain!


The link above gives you reference to the significance of the chain.


and in a completely different vein…

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