Why football is better than soccer

Dear Reader,

Our beloved commentators claim ignorance regarding the Superbowl. Luckily the did not come up with the suberb owl.

Since even BBC aired the match, we could ignore it. But why not settle it?

Let’s start with the misconception, that football has to be played with the foot. It is called football, because the ball is one foot long. Ta da. And it is called a ball, like in rugby, from which it originates.

And why is it better?

First of all, football is similar to speed chess. The quarterback has to position and move the players like on a chess board. And he has to make decisions in split seconds. Throw? Pass? To whom? While constantly being in danger of a tackle.

Secondly, the players are not wimps faking injuries, every time they feel an opponent close by. It is a contact sport. Not an exercise in acting. When is the last time you English saw a soccer game without diving?

The breaks are long and plenty to have a beer, a conversation, or something to eat. Football is social and inclusive.

Isn’t sport about finding the best? Too often soccer games are decided by luck. What is the most common score? With one or – if the spectators get lucky – two goals deciding a game, luck is as important as skill. If I wanted to watch gambling, I’d go to a casino.

There is enough action on the field. The fans do not have to fight each other, which is all too common in soccer.

And last but not least, repeating myself, this:

Thank you very much!

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12 thoughts on “Why football is better than soccer

  1. What time are the Cheerleaders on ? I would go and watch them and sleep during the game.
    Even worse is Baseball !!!

    1. Dear Smiles,
      They are “on” all the time. You would not catch much sleep.
      Amateur baseball – for instance in central park – is great fun.
      Food, (illegal) beers, conversation, and, oh yeah, someone is
      playing a game. But it does not interrupt the fun much.


  2. A good start to a dull day in the North of Scotland.
    I can see ER’s point, some soccer is like watching paint dry and played by overpaid prima donnas.
    I actually like American football and of course it will be coming to London when Spurs built their new stadium.
    The only soccer team I can think of with cheerleaders is Boca Juniors in Beunos Aires. Certainly brightens up a match.

    1. Yes, dear Smiles,

      I can. Certainly he has the moves.
      Yet I doubt he can do the split.

      And, of course, that imagination
      is a bloody nightmare!


  3. You should get your facts right ER. Football came first, as rugby came from a “cheat” at a public school in a English town called rugby,
    who playing football in a PE lesson, picked up the ball. After that they developed it into a free for all.

    Football and rugby actually evolved from the same game, and American football in turn evolved out of rugby.

    Rugby and football split apart from each other in the mid-19th century, with clubs that wanted to use the hands in open play developing the rugby game, and those that didn’t going off to form association football, or soccer in the US. (There were other differences, but use of the hands was the principle one.)

    Americans later standardized the rules for their “football” clubs based on the English rugby code, and between the 1870s and the early 1900s, that game took on its own flavour, including a down-and-distance system, a line of scrimmage replacing the scrum, and the legalization of the forward pass.

    Soccer as such doesn’t exist in the UK, it’s America’s answer to giving Football an identity in the US, as it expands in popularity at a massive rate. I was playing it in Calif 30 years ago, the men’s game hadn’t really taken off yet and the women were playing it at a good level then too.

    How you imagine American football is entertaining on a sporting level, God only knows! Yes there is plenty of time for a chat and a beer, whilst we are waiting for the game to start again after yet another stoppage. Professional rugby verges on this at times, but the amateur league version is fast and furious. The American game has everyone cosseted in loads of padding (mind you the way they set out to injure it’s not surprising), the English game sees everyone utilizing all the skills, compared to American football having to delegate specific activities to one person, like kicking.

    Smiles, you are sooo right about baseball. I went to a game once, never again. One of the most boring events ever, but then I’m not a great fan of cricket either. Give me the cheer leader gals any day!!

    1. Dear Philippa,

      My facts are straight. You got confused by my vocabulary.
      When mentioning Football, I am referring to American Football,
      of course.
      That boring women’s game is Soccer.


  4. I went to a baseball ground once, luckily they weren’t playing, but the band was having a bbq.
    How can you have a World Series whew only one nation plays.
    When I was in California I was too old to play our football, but always enjoyed talking about it with the Mexicans, they were very knowledgable about the English leagues

    1. Dear Druid,

      By inviting every playing nation. It isn’t our fault, that others don’t play or show up.
      The Germans tried to set up a leagues once, I believe.

      And basketball we could play among American teams as well, since Yugoslavia split up.


  5. The whole world loves the Premier League.
    Wherever I travel, games are shown in bars, pubs and on local TV.

  6. I love the patriotism of our resident Yankee Doodle Dandy.
    Greetings from Moscow. You know the place where the enemy and spies came from.

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