Twitter can go and …

Dear Reader,

For a while diablog used twitter. It was an experiment. We had some fun, learned a lot, and then we grew tired of it.

From around 2010 twitter was an interesting platform. It developed into a news or PR channel. On twitter you could read news, before they became news. Twitter was a preferred channel of Wikileaks, Anonymous, Occupy Wall Street, and many other individuals and groups. Twitter was an important communication channel during the Arab Spring and other ‘world events’.

One reason for its importance was, that Twitter was against censorship. While other internet platforms like F*c*book closed accounts quickly, demanded real names and cellphone numbers, Twitter stood out. You could remain anonymous on twitter. A prime example is @avunitanon, the last member of notorious LulzSec, who is not identified. At least officially.

Now twitter is changing. It has joined the other politically correct, pussy footing, censoring platforms. The fig leaf is “hate speech”. This is the announcement:

Now twitter is proud, that:

Since the middle of 2015 alone, we’ve suspended over 125,000 accounts for threatening or promoting terrorist acts, primarily related to ISIS.

And on:

We cooperate with law enforcement entities when appropriate. In July 2015, FBI Director James Comey recognized Twitter’s commitment to blocking terrorist content, praising us as “very good and thoughtful and hardworking at trying to shut down [terrorism-related] accounts.”

Less than six months ago, in September 2015, twitter was proud to have Edward Snowden using its service. I guess that will change, when the new twitter buddies from the FBI – or their friends from the NSA – want some more ‘commitment’.

The lesson from this?

Use the internet, not internet platforms. If you want to say something, do so on a website you control. Do not expect any internet platform platform to act in your favor or on your behalf.

Our Idiot of the Day Medal goes to twitter.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

8 thoughts on “Twitter can go and …

  1. I must admit, social media is one of my big hates. I can’t stand the inane comments & general shite that people put up.
    For lots of people it becomes an obsession, logging in which restaurant you are in, what’s that all about.
    Perfect for burglars who will just pop round and raid your house as you’ll obviously not be home for a few hours.
    Yours on a favourite rant

  2. If I look back at my archives, I remember when I first heard of twitter. I did not like their angle, and I avoided them instinctively but gave praise when they came up with new ways to connect with the users just as I did with other platforms. I tried to join in with everyone at one point and every now and then I logged on. I try very hard to get with the times.
    Being an adult to me is about alot more than the degree, job, friends, lifestyle you have regardless of gender or ethnicity. I still have alot to learn.
    I am guessing the same applies to being a large business, they ofcourse might face criticism but I would guess at some point the benefits of taking advise from governs that are intent on keeping order amongst other things is a way of continuing a harmony. Though I don’t care were I stand as long as this world does its best to stay intact, I have the freedom to try and do my best.

    I have no regrets. I spent many years waking up and all I wanted to do every morning was write something to make db’s day just that bit better. When I got it wrong, I went back and tried again. I did it with such ease as that is what made me happy.
    I grew a little, my values changed a little and I would like to say for the better but who knows. There will be always the people that no matter what, when technology and ideals change they are unaccepting, freedom to be stupid/clever/whatever.
    If we are all such great actors do you not think that the one braincell we have we couldn’t put it to use to make ourselves look good, I certainly like being liked and I work at it.
    Twitter should do as it wishes. Thanks for the honesty. They have no desire to stay where they are not wanted. They will continue to provide a service to the ones that still want. But are not obsessed with it to ignore the signals of greater suppression.
    I enjoy being nice because I have no reason to be otherwise, I bullied when younger and got over it, something I cannot get over is my mind, I am stuck with it. I do not tolerate bullying but accept criticism as it helps for growth.
    My world doesn’t revolve around twitter and twitter to my world. So whatever they want to do. Do. I never asked anything from twitter.
    Poop is still poop no matter how well it is dressed and the same goes to ice cream, even badly dressed.

  3. I’m with Druid – never used it and never will.
    People seem to spend all their time on their phones these days, many worrying about sending out and commenting on what they are supposed to be doing, rather than actually doing it! No time for conversation, must tell everyone how wonderful it is here and what a great time I’m having. Same goes for Facebook for me.

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