the sky’s the limit…

Dear diablog,

Personally I have become very disillusioned with F1 racing and almost never watch it.

As a Williams fan (dating back to Alan Jones) I find it all a bit of a yawn with a preponderance of spoilt kids at the wheel and run by computers in the pits – usually housed in billion pound motor homes. Harking back to Jones for a moment, at the 1980 British GP (the clip at the end is 25 mins and only for the dedicated) I had ‘lost’ Mme and kids in the pits – easy and friendly in those days – at Brands, my second favourite after Spa. After ages of searching she was taking tea with Mrs Jones and the to be Sir Frank in the Williams pit. Without labouring the point we were all invited to the ‘post race party’ with all the other drivers. Memories, memories!

Back to the point, though not a Hamilton fan – Christina


who is sent this and I have to admit that he does come over fairly well.

Lucky bastard!!

Yours, diablog, on air


PS. read more if the 1980 GP interests you!


15 thoughts on “the sky’s the limit…

  1. When we lived in the Highlands we used to watch the fast jets going down the glen hugging the hills. These guys are living the dream.
    To sit in the rear seat of a Red Arrow, doesn’t get any better than that.

    I agree with Glynsky, F1 has become boring, I don’t want to see drivers killed or maimed, but the excitement for the viewer has gone. It’s too clinical and all about money.

  2. I’ll join the swan song on F1. Don’t tend to watch it much.
    Fantastic experience – as you say lucky bastard! I wonder if he was at all sick.

  3. I have tried – but this is starting to consume my mind.
    You couldnt write to me directly but over Christmas you could?!
    I must be so so stupid to still believe in this. This could have been solved a while back. I will be going and I want you to stay away from me when I do. I have tried and I loved so much, I just cannot see a possibility that could mean the same from your side.
    The least would have been fairness from your side but what can I say I dont really know you.

  4. I probably rationally believe that I was used and all this was an experiment. I mean. What else makes sense. The best actor goes to you though to have had me believe that in you lied a shred of humanity.

  5. It might not be purposeful but she seems directed and purposely wanting to distress. I know I know. It is crazy but it has been so from the beginning..

  6. Hi Caspie -meds? I hope you are getting over woteva it is.
    I think Philippa was wondering if he was sick in the plane – it often happens when you are not used to being thrown around.
    As usual your comments sometimes elude me but whatever place you are in now I can only wish you well.

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