extremes at the 96…

Dear diablog,

As you have seen over time the attendance at the 96 is seriously eclectic. In addition I have to offer my excuses if I show the same vehicle on more than one post – it can be a real pain to keep reviewing earlier posts to ensure that I don’t repeat myself.

I don’t think that this Frazer Nash Chain Ganger has been featured too much before. The wonderful thing about it is that it belongs to a relatively young man (about 35) who absolutely loves it and goes all over irrespective of weather – protection from which is minimal!


The front number plate is brill, and apparently Mr. Plod has never taken him to task


and from the rear quarter it is really pretty. Brings back my Austin 7 days. And the steering wheel? – the passenger must be punched black and blue on twisty roads!


let alone a face full of rain!


The link above gives you reference to the significance of the chain.


and in a completely different vein…

a Volvo Amazon.


Don’t think my idea of an Amazon is quite this.


To me boring as hell when new but nostalgia does strange things.

And a treat for the UK tax payer – a De Lorean!


Wonder which of us paid for this one!!


But again nostalgia rules. Looks like they are recreating De Loreans (announced in 2015 in New York) – this time electric!!

And at $95,000. Still the same old rip off!!

Yours, diablog, freewheelin’


13 thoughts on “extremes at the 96…

  1. Excellent Fraser Nash, a real gem. I love the position of the clock as if only the passenger needs to know the time.
    The Amazon looks a bit Soviet in its design, Volvo’s only seem to appeal to the very boring, Nothing exciting about any in their range.
    I still can’t get my head round electric cars, generally the mileage is very poor.
    One of my colleagues has a Tesla, fantastic car, very fast, has all the toys, but makes no noise. All you can hear is the tyres on the road.

  2. I was walking down the road when I saw an Afghan bloke standing on a fifth floor balcony, shaking a carpet. I shouted up to him, “What’s up Abdul, won’t it start?”

  3. Somewhere I read that someone has now decided that electric cars will be fitted with engine noise to warn pedestrians!

  4. All that tooting can scare a person awake.
    Anyway, I found Glynskys perfect riding partner a while back- beautiful, really nice, didn’t check intelligence but I would say ok, but still the definition of a WOWman but for obvious reasons(heisMARRIED) I had to off her..whatever that means.
    Anyway, if you jabbed me I just gos’ta jab yo flab back…
    Have a beautiful day diablog. I am in heaven.. it feels like breathing in warm air then cool air and then again. Arghhhhhhh I Loves Life!!!!!!!!!!!! xXx

    Peace out xXx

  5. Sorry about the trouble before Pips. I don’t know the world sometimes. You are swell(its a new word I am testing out xXx

  6. I meant plop not wow. Plopwoman. Nothing wow there, nothing to see. Jesus! Stray away then see if Mme cares, you smellybigheadwithtinydeformedtoesandareallybignoseofdestabalisingpropotions.


  7. To even it out – Mme…
    I know of a wonderful man who enjoys to add little surprises make people smile, I only met him once by chance and his eyes……………..they were dark but not so much from colour but from intensity…a Zorro outfit would have completed that meeting, were he would skillfully mark a z through my top to reveal my. Oh. Erm. You get the point. Hot!

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