Dear diablog,

Our new neighbour is in the midst of rebuilding his flat and the whole of Glynsky Towers is in uproar.

They have loads of work to do both indoors and in the garden and have the answer to handling in both.

As Philippa

phirripa real

is also involved in buildings this may prove a boon to her too!


Yours, diablog, in a barrow


6 thoughts on “freewheelin…

  1. Hi Glynsky,

    The calculation for balancing that made sense, thank goodness, there is no need to detail on here we should all have one.
    By the time it arrives ill be ready.
    Just disassembling my walls right now ;-)

    Casper X

  2. Funny though- being single means I can do that. Imagine if I was with someone, I would be hiding under the kitchen sink with 2 days supply of cake. Once the weekend is over I would come out to stretch my legs while they are at work haha. Only kidding. I am very open and honest and always back my decisions. Being stupid purposely is a waste of time. The above purchase would be a calculated risk, as they say.

  3. The fact that there is a highway to hell and only a stairway to heaven, says a lot about anticipated traffic numbers….

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