fun with bananas…

Dear diablog,

You may remember that I have the greatest scorn for Giles Coren who only holds his journalistic positions due to trading on his wonderful Dad’s reputation.

However he was recently involved in a BBC 2 programme of life in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

The only reason I mention this is that during the ’60’s show the 16 year old daughter (who had with her family been forced to eschew all but that which was available then) passed a comment that the best thing for her was the ‘happiness’ of the music.

I do think that nostalgia gets the best of all of us but from a modern Miss that is quite a comment.

Personally I find the fun has gone out of pop – it is all sex or gangasta’s and the lightness and ability of good pop to invoke memories has been, for a while lost. Maybe it will return.

To help you remember the ’80’s which were, despite their excesses also fun, two bands who appeared often together were Bananarama and Fun Boy 3 – of whom the latter were actually good musicians.

For Engine Room 2 Tone followers this rendition by Fun Boy 3 of a Specials number is good for a live performance

though they often appeared with Bananarama in much lighter vein…

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the way it should be

Dear Reader,

Maybe you heard or read the news, a major library of Linux (glibc) had a security hole. The same day it was discovered most major distributions had an update ready. That is exactly how it should be.

Our server was updated this night, no major problems, no fubar. We are back to normal.

Stay safe,

Engine Room

where the sun don’t shine…

Dear diablog,

After last week’s disastrous attempt at humour I hope the following makes up and allows our commentators at least a smile.

Thanks to Michaela


for sending us this – it brings a new meaning to buried treasure.

Enjoy! – and hopefully laugh.

Yours, diablog, feeling around


the sky’s the limit…

Dear diablog,

Personally I have become very disillusioned with F1 racing and almost never watch it.

As a Williams fan (dating back to Alan Jones) I find it all a bit of a yawn with a preponderance of spoilt kids at the wheel and run by computers in the pits – usually housed in billion pound motor homes. Harking back to Jones for a moment, at the 1980 British GP (the clip at the end is 25 mins and only for the dedicated) I had ‘lost’ Mme and kids in the pits – easy and friendly in those days – at Brands, my second favourite after Spa. After ages of searching she was taking tea with Mrs Jones and the to be Sir Frank in the Williams pit. Without labouring the point we were all invited to the ‘post race party’ with all the other drivers. Memories, memories!

Back to the point, though not a Hamilton fan – Christina


who is sent this and I have to admit that he does come over fairly well.

Lucky bastard!!

Yours, diablog, on air


PS. read more if the 1980 GP interests you!

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Guys and Cars and Women

Dear Reader,

A few days ago this popped up on my screen, coming from an online chat.

A: If a man opens the car door for a woman, either the woman is new, or the car.

B: Cars are more reliable … are always there for you … do what you want … forgive small mistakes … and do not complain, when handled a bit more roughly.

C: Do you want to know, what love is? Put your dog in the trunk, and your wife. Then drive around for two hours. When you open the trunk thereafter, who will be happy to see you?

Now I wonder, what does it mean, that Glynsky and The Druid like cars so much?

And that Smiles does not care about cars at all, and – more importantly – does not drive? Yet, he loves his dog?


Engine Room

Repeat after me …

Dear Reader,

Related to the news about Twitter from yesterday here, today comes this headline from the Wall Street Journal: Facebook Steps Up Efforts Against Terrorism

The social media are nuts. And even some of our beloved commentators missed some points of my earlier post. So, let me make it clear:

You are NOT under attack.

There is NO reason to be afraid.

If you don’t take my word for it, shall we have a look, what scientists have to say?

A short while ago The New Yorker had a brilliant article, Thinking rationally about terror. Please, I beg you, read it.

The next important issue: trying to prevent ‘hate speech’ neither works, nor does it help.

If people cannot make themselves heard, if there is no debate, they will go underground, or they will choose more drastic actions. What did the Palestinians do in the 70s? What did the Mujaheddin do in Afghanistan to get attention? Destroying culturally important artifacts. What did the Irish do? Bombing London.

Trying to silence people with what might be or are extreme opinions, either drives them underground. Like Ayatollah Khomeini had tapes distributed through Koran schools. Or it turns them towards violence. It has been proven over and over again.

And finally, who defines “hate speech”? Let’s not forget Paul Chambers, the poor guy who joked and needed the IamSpartacus movement.

And with that said, I will start early my weekend of travel, fun, parties, drinks, food – and most importantly – great company.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room