HoC Season Four

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Two years ago I recommended you watch House of Cards. Then, the second season was out, and both season one and two were very good.

Last year I did not say anything, because season three was a lot weaker. It was borderline boring, almost a waste of time.

This Friday, March 4th, Netflix released season four, and I am happy to say, it is as good as one and two. The 13 new episodes are entertaining and gripping. The authors went back to being current. There are great stories in various episodes. And the actors are back to their excellent work. Kevin Spacey shines brilliantly.

So, if you ave a few hours to kill, House of Cards is worth your valuable time.

In case you do not have netflix, or are a victim of its recent policy against proxies and VPNs, you can find links to videos on various websites.

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5 thoughts on “HoC Season Four

  1. I had the curiosity as Mr never recommends much.
    I am on 2.40 on the reel (well you know what I mean).

    I recommend that you watch Season 1 episode 1 upto 2.40 – you will see why I had to comment.

    Casper X

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