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The internet is supposed to make information available. Everywhere, to everybody, and at the lowest possible cost.

Naturally, there are people and companies, who and which used to profit handsomely from data not being free. Publishers of scientific data are among the greediest in that group. How does their outdated business work?

Scientists create the data and write about it. For free, because they have to. They do it for the reputation and for scientific debate. That is how they and their ideas advance. Other scientists then check the data and writings as part of what is called peer review. Again, they do that for free, because see above. And then comes some publisher, takes all the free stuff and charges everybody to read it.

Universities and labs have to subscribe to the magazines, paying big bucks. Researchers have to pay for individual articles usually up to US$30. And – of course – advertisers pay to put stuff in front of those eyeballs. Plus, never mind that most of the researchers and scientists are paid with government money, which is yours. If you want to read scientific articles, you have to open your wallet yet again.

Or at least you had to. Because here are two websites, where you can get the scientific publishing for free.

The first is Sci-Hub:

The other is Library Genesis:

People like Aaron Swartz fought for this. Open data, having the public – which paid for research – make the best use of it, this is the goal. And slowly but certainly we are getting there.

Flipping the bird to Elsevier in particular,

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  1. Awesome! I have been trying to get my eyes on some and the link posted prior – I lost with my old computer.
    I cant wait to start on the above.

  2. Great outing today!
    Loved it! Fab! Amazeballz! Offtthechain!
    I highly recommend visiting, readers – exterior is impressive but has nothing on (in terms of spectacular) the interior.
    Me and ze pals had a special night.
    On Sat -The Blues Kitchen, Camden for lunch and then the Zoo after. about time I see some sheep in London! xXx

  3. Db does not give me piece of my mind anymore.
    My work is very very important to me and I need to get on with it. I have lost so much time, and my health has bad habits.
    I am the only one that loses out.
    I am sacrificing too much. My minutes count too and matter also.
    So, I am not important enough, I haven’t done anything, fair enough, I just want to get on with my life now.

  4. I don’t care about anything else. I will settle for a mediocre life I just want to get on with my work.
    I hope we are in agreement. And soon I will be leaving diablog with your blessing.

  5. My work is more important than db. A balance has not been reached and the time given was plenty. You have had more time than most with this. From here I learned what I wanted to do in life. The biggest lesson of my life. It does not though give this much precedent.
    You do your work, get on with your lives and I will do the same with mine. I do not want anything. I have decided Thank You.
    I will not further embarrass myself on here when I lose my mind for the sake of amusing some curious readers. And I do not mind that I didn’t before, because I was getting work done. I have goals for this year I want to complete. Things that I want to do. Thinking someone is not real is not one of them. Or whatever else.
    Respect my work as I have always tried hard to respect yours.

  6. Dear Casper
    Just be happy with anything that you decide to do. You still have a long life in front of you.
    We old men of the diablog will soldier on.
    Take care

  7. Casper
    You must learn to control your emotions. We all have stress and get upset, but do not find the need to write comments about it. Stop and think before you write and it will save you having to apologise later.
    Please consider this as constructive and I hope that all goes well for you.
    I have been home since Friday evening, so time to fly again. This time to Odessa and Kiev.
    Have a great week.

  8. Casper
    I’m with Smiles here and wish you well. There are certainly better things to spend your time on than writing here all the time. Perhaps we’ll hear from you on the odd occasion. Lol. Take care and keep on listening to the blues.

    Sorry ER – not ignoring you! Some interesting stuff in your last couple of posts. I wouldn’t hear about them from anywhere else if not here. I wondered when Microsoft would decide to abandon 7.

    1. Microsoft does the update even when the program discovered, that your hardware is incapable of running windows 10.
      I guess, that is an extra treat. As in, let us fuck up your whole system completely.


  9. I agree. I am an adult and should behave as such. I give myself the least sympathy don’t you worry about that.
    Have a good week.

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