Media sites deliver herpes

Dear Reader,

The headline isn’t complete. It should continue with ‘or the online equivalent’.

So far I have criticized websites for their advertising at least twice on diablog, once here and once here. On both occasions I recommended you install an advertising blocker, for example ublock.

Now, there are people like Glynsky, who say “I don’t mind a little bit of advertising”. Fine.

And how do you feel about an internet ad infecting your PC with maleware?

As reported by TrendLabs here and MalewareBytes here some websites delivered maleware infected advertising to their visitors. That is the equivalent to giving you herpes. And which websites did this? Here is a list from MaleWareBytes (emphasis mine):

Now I did not expect anything from MSN, short for MicroSoft Network. And AOL stinks since its founding.

But a special thanks goes to the BBC. Using taxpayer money, yet being greedy and showing ads on top. Because you can never get enough, can you? And those ads infect PCs with maleware. What a bunch of shmocks!

Please, install an adblocker. As in right now.

Stay sane,

Engine Room