Amateur night

Dear Reader,

If you come to NY, please come prepared. The reason I am asking you, kindly, is what I call an amateur night.

I had visitors. From out of town. Big eyes. Big mouth. “Show us The City. We can take it.”

So, we started the night at McSorley’s, with a few beers. Side note, McSorley’s has the most beautiful Irish women in town. Just beware of their brothers. And it is the oldest Irish tavern here.

On to a few Bass Ales. I know, you English pretty much gave up on it. I still love it. Next, a few Brooklyn Lager. There is a reason you come to NY. Have the local brew. And then I needed something stronger.

So I ordered a few Singleton. My company skipped that, I had them all. Next up, The Balvenie. Again, I had to drink that one alone. That’s when I asked my guests: “Why don’t you take advantage of your hotel rooms?”

They accepted quickly and gladly. Which left me with a bottle of Barbera D’ Alba. All by myself. Life is good.

If you come to NY, I beg you, come prepared. No amateurs, please. This is a professional town.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

23 thoughts on “Amateur night

  1. So, you were not very thirsty that evening ER or maybe slowing down with age ?
    Greetings from Scotland. No whisky for me.
    Bought the Druid a bottle of Tito’s hand crafted vodka from Texas. Do you know it ?

    1. Sorry, Smiles,

      I am not a big Vodka drinker. Except for the real stuff from the Baltic states. That is tasty.


  2. I will bring you some from Vilnius or even better you come to Lithuania with Glynsky. Last week in Odessa I had some excellent Krenovka (vodka
    with added horseradish) to accompany the pork fat and marinated water melon and other pickles.

  3. Enjoying a Pussar’s Navy Rum as given to British Sailors daily until discontinued in 1970.
    A really good one, ER. You should try it.

  4. The Balvenie, now you’re talking ER. One of my all time favourite malts.
    I think Mrs Druid and myself would enjoy your bar tour of NY, we can stand the pace.

  5. Now drinking Greene King Abbot Ale, a classic English beer.
    Do I have a dose of casperitis as I am commenting to my own comments?

  6. Haha- I am sure you had a valid excuse Smiles; like my friends that stood me up yesterday after a heavy night drinking or whatever. I will not be making plans with them again. Infact; I regret that I ever did.

  7. Guess who has a sexy date this week! Very excited! Could be the one I have babies with eeeeeeeeek!
    Though I did carelessly let a lovely man out of my life last year who was ready to settle and very funny. I plan on not making the same mistake again.
    I’ll keep you posted. Wish me luck!

  8. Hope he’s not reading this Casp, he’ll be having babies on his own! Take it easy on him, let him lead. Have a great time.

  9. Not on his own silly, with me. Very chubby ones. I’ll get to teach them what I am learning too, how exciting. I will spend my life making him happy and smiley and making jokes just for him and lots and lots of sex. I am kind but if he turns up that’s a start at least in my books.
    About to date a real person who wants babies with me! Exciting.

    Casper X

  10. Imagine I’ll be like:
    Mr baby ” Eugene value” and the baby will be like “blah blah”
    “particle” – “blah blah”
    “paper clip” – ” blah blah”
    Haha the funniest baby in the world then ill laugh at him and then he’ll laugh haha.
    Then ill be like okay – now onto some work “what is….”

  11. Hahaha!
    They have a funny language Smiles, but they learn very quickly. Very cute little beings. It is important to teach them well and explore with them. I always let me dog smell what I am holding as he likes smelling things so much. Little ones I am guessing love learning about this new world of thiers. I could have conversation about all topics including random and they would love it.

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