2nd living room abroad

Dear Reader,

With limit living space in NY and a general preference for going out – instead of being homely – comes something I call 2nd living room. And I have more than a few of those.

During a visit to London, where Glynsky showed me around, I found one spot, that would become my 2nd living room. If I lived in the area, of course.

The area in question is Maida Vale. The atmosphere resembles Gramercy, one of my favorite residential areas in Manhattan. Glynsky showed me Little Venice, part of Maida Vale first. And then we looked for a place to have lunch.

When passing this place:


I noticed a sign: Cash Only. And I said: We have to go there.

Glynsky asked why, and I explained. If today a place can afford to kiss good bye to all credit card business, it must be worth visiting. From the top of my head I know only one place in NYC, that does, and that is the world’s best steak house, Peter Luger.

So we went there, and this is what we found:


If this was around the corner, I’d be there all the time. A working fireplace? Big couches? Can it get more comfy?

Yes, it can, have a look at the bar:


It has a large selection of beers on tap, the spirits are varied enough, they seem to be the strongest in wines.

And what is this place?

It is called The Warrington Hotel. Which is a bit of a joke, since it has five (5) bedrooms only. But who cares? The bar and restaurant  are absolutely great.

Plus a friendly – and I might add pretty – waitress, what more could one ask from a 2nd living room? A smoking section, but that is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Keep exploring,

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25 thoughts on “2nd living room abroad

  1. The waitress is gay, her vagina licking lover told me she licks her out every night.’no tips needed’

    No need for you guys to visit xXx

  2. It is obvious to everyone that when on your route to success you make plans of some of the things that might affect you and begin preparing counter ideas.
    More stress, more responsibility etc etc you make sure you are prepared for it.
    It fair enough that a person has a desire to get richer quicker and to want to put money above all.
    But through all this as you gain all these qualities that come with success doesn’t the idea of being aware of what you have actually taken on take hold. Not only are the success stories responsible for the people in their companies but the countries they operate in.
    In my opinion greed should be foresought, that it does need to be personally managed like all the other qualities that come with success.

    Casper X

  3. now the world is trying to manage the greed of those that ask for mass respect and adoration. This seems backwards to me – it is not the responsibility of the people to do this. They should know this already.

  4. Casper’s comment about the waitress was Casper at her best or better said, at her worst.
    I do not want to go there for the waitress as serving staff are below my level :-)
    I want to go there for the food and different beers !

  5. Fair enough Smiles – it looks beautiful. I cannot believe I have not visited yet! Enjoy your trip with the boys- they sure like to play.

    Casper X

  6. Question;
    Would you like to take a guess at which career fosters the highest number of monogamous men?

  7. Time to jump in here, as I am making time to check what’s happening.

    Firstly I have to comment on Casper’s remarks at the top. Casper you are getting rather off the rails again!! Not that it offends me, only that it’s sooo unnecessary. You have a propensity to say the most outrageous things sometimes, which I can’t decide is just to test to what extent you can take it, or you just can’t resist being base. Not sure what anyone else thinks, but it would be good to have your contributions tenured to generally clean, if not necessarily understandable. Sometimes you can be funny.

    Back to venue. It looks tremendous. As you say ER, cash only is very odd these days. I can’t understand how you manage, it certainly wouldn’t suit my convenience or life style. I’m not used to taking a wad anywhere these days, so if I were to visit I’d have to go prepared! Perhaps this is the place for the bloggers to meet and have a drink – invitation welcome here too.

  8. Philippa. I totally agree with you about the comments of Casper.
    I think a great place for a Bloggers Meeting. Glynsky will pay as his name is in the title and he has not bpought me a drink for years.
    Glynsky – Set it up. I will fly over.

  9. With how conflicted I am I would say testing the waters. I am even reluctant to apologise.
    But I will because I agree.
    Though I do not feel I should be here anymore, and I have felt so for a while. I feel like the worst third wheel. Why even bother on all accounts. I am not desperate for friends.

    Casper X

  10. YOU are the one constantly wrting to go away.
    Read your comment from 12.01 pm.
    Whether you stay or go does not bother me as I just ignore most of the crap which you write.

  11. My suggestion to you is to reread what you type several times before you press send.
    This way, you will not embarass yourself so much and other readers will think much higher of you.
    You will succeed, I know. Good Luck.

  12. I do regret what I write most of the time. I do not think. And with being so good at thinking before it is embarrassing. I am pretty close I just need some time but I wont post vulgar things that I wouldn’t say or accept someone else saying.

  13. Maybe it is because the other bloggers are older and hopefully wiser, that we cannot accept how the younger people speak these days.
    How you speak with your friends is your matter but take other readers into consideration, please.

  14. No Smiles, please do not excuse me. I have been rude, inconsiderate and selfish.
    These are not attributes of mine offline and shouldn’t be online.
    I have put you under duress to address this.
    I have noticed slight improvements. Yesterday I slipped and tried to cancel by writing something worth reading after but still with regret.
    I am just being plain stupid atm but I am getting things together. I am thinking slowly. Just give me time.

  15. Dear Casper
    That was probably very hard for you to write but greatly appreciated.
    Good Luck

  16. This wasn’t approached in the best way. I will be lighter with my words. But please watch how you write to someone.

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