carz r me…

Dear diablog,

I do apologise for the erratic postings of late – it is likely to go on for a couple more weeks.

Last week we looked at a Porsche 917. So ok, if I am completely honest the sexiest EVER racers were the Ferrari P series of which the 250LM is, bodywise, the Sophia Loren of all cars


with a bum to beat all bums


with, in 2nd place, choose either P3 or P4





equally sexy – in fact, maybe I will change my mind and swap them round, but then maybe not!

However, to my chagrin, I have never driven either – nor half of the joint 3rd place cars – the 512. But, the other half of my joint 3rd is the Porsche 917, which I have driven.

Maybe that is an exaggeration as though I have driven one I have never raced one in full anger and probably its too late now – the reaction times needed are well beyond me at my age.

What a beast. A friend of mine owns one which in extraordinary circumstances he bought direct from Porsche 6 years after it had been declared obsolete!

He phoned up Stuttgart, asked if they had one and they replied “we think there is one at the end of the yard!!” Sure enough under several tarpaulins there it was in Gulf colours and complete. Another export!!

To conclude – my joint 3rd place cars in action this year at the same meeting of the crash posted earlier, with my friends amongst them.

Yours, diablog, in extasy


2 thoughts on “carz r me…

  1. Yes luuvely bums and other humps! The California climate does preserve cars well.
    It amazes me how many Ferrari we see around here these days, let alone on the track. There must be loads of money swashing about. Equally I’ll see Masserati, Porche, Astons and lots of convertible Bentleys along our streets most weeks.

  2. I agree, the 250m LM is stunning. I bought a beautiful model at Pit Stop next to the Galleria Ferrari in Modena.
    Was a good day as we managed to see Gerhard Berger doing his final tests on the Fiorano track before shipping the cars to the Hungarian GP.

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