Are you font of recognizable design?

Dear Reader,

Before anyone, like our proof reader Smiles


points out the typo in the headline – font instead of fond, it is there on purpose.

Because this post is about fonts. Or better about very recognizable fonts.

This website,, has put together a collection of movie poster fonts, which pretty much everybody will recognize immediately.

Like this one:



or this one:



or this one:


If you want to set up your own webpage, create a fan page, or a parody, you can grab them and play with it.

For diablog one could consider this font:


since our dear Glynsky resembles the terminator. Not in strength, but … uhm … beauty.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room



7 thoughts on “Are you font of recognizable design?

  1. Little Johnny was in the classroom bored to the back teeth on a Friday afternoon, and the teacher decided to have a game for the kids to get them thinking.
    “Okay class. Now I’m going to say a famous quote, and the first person to tell me who said that quote, can have Monday off.” said the teacher.

    “Who is credited with writing the phrase, “To be or not to be, that is the question”? asked the teacher.

    Little Pham Lam Nguyen at the front of the class called out, “Shakespeare”.

    “Well done!” said the teacher, “You can have Monday off.”

    “No thank you Miss. I am of Vietnamese origin and it is in our culture to study as hard as we can, so I will be here on Monday studying hard.” said Little Pham Lam Nguyen.

    “Well okay,” said the teacher.

    The next quote is, “I had a dream!”

    Little Fri Sum Kat also at the front yelled out “I bereiva it was Marteen Ruffer King!”

    “Well done!” said the teacher. ‘You can have Monday off”

    “No thanka you miss, I am of Chinese oligin and we also do not take time offa school. Education is evelything to us, so I will be in on Monday studying
    hard too.” said little Fri Sum Kat.

    “Okay,” said the teacher.

    Then she heard a voice from the back of the classroom, “Fucking Asians!”

    “Who said that?” yelled the teacher in an angry tone.

    “Donald Trump!” yelled little Johnny. “See ya Tuesday.”

  2. Good one Philippa.
    Have retold it several times already.
    Don’t you have any good jokes about The Arse and Arsene Wenger ?

  3. Once wrote a ditti about Arsenal to an old friend back in the ’80s. I’ll see if I can dig it out for you. Although I’m a Spurs fan, I have recently become a secret Leicester supporter! You just can’t help it can you. Fairy tails and all that!

  4. I knew that there was a reason for liking you Philippa, and not just the similar sense of humour.
    I am a little worried about you becoming a secret Leicester supporter. You can change your wife/husband but never your football team.

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